Yema Helmet YM-828 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

Motorcycle helmets can be get in many shapes, format and design from multiple vendors and manufactures. You can get it even from a retail shop.  A biker who loves biking and he who require driving a motorcycle for different purpose in different seasons of a year should wear helmet. While talking about good helmets names like Yema Helmet-YM-828 Full-Face Motorcycle-Helmet would be automatically appear in front. This article will help you to know about it and also to know the key things of purchasing a motorcycle helmet.

Key features of Yema Helmet-YM-828 Full-Face Motorcycle-Helmet!

A good helmet has numbers of good features. But as a customer you don’t need to know those all, as some of them might be nothing special. You just should know the key features of it. Here are the key features of this Yema Helmet-YM-828 Full-Face Motorcycle-Helmet in a birds eyes view.

Yema Helmet-YM-828

  • It is approved by DOT
  • It has ABS shell that enables it to become quite light in weight.
  • It has special aerodynamic design that helps to reduce noises from outside whilst riding or driving a motorcycle.
  • Its liners are removable and therefore you can wash it easily. Its antibacterial & odor resistant feature ensures maximum health benefits.
  • Ventilation system of this helmet works pretty fine.


Here come some important good and bad sides of Yema Helmet-YM-828 Full-Face Motorcycle-Helmet that can help you to get a better overview over the product. Don’t skip it reading.


  • Face & rear vent of it works fine of this helmet.
  • It is a good fit for almost males and females
  • You can receive manufacture warranty with it.
  • Prescription glasses users can use it too.
  • Its weight is only 3 pounds and the customer score is positive.


  • You might not get lifelong warranty
  • If you are looking for expensive sports helmet it might not be a good match for you.

Why should you buy it?

As this helmet is light in weight and you are getting warranty option, you should get it. Its Aerodynamic design will help you to remain apart from outside noises while biking. It has almost all the good features of a good helmet but you are getting it in a cheap price with limited warranty. Does that make sense!


How to choose between other alternatives!

Whatever the product is, it is always suggested to do some compare before buying. This statement is true for Yema Helmet-YM-828 full-face motorcycle-helmet too. Yeam Helmet is obviously a good name to get a product but from your side, you should remain careful on the issue of warranty, free shipping, easy delivery, and quality service providing. IF you find any customer review regarding a particular helmet that raises question in your mind, better to solve that first. Besides get a helmet from a producer whose product would not require much maintenance!

If you read the article carefully meanwhile, it can be said now that you know about the basics of getting a good helmet. Now it’s time to move on and crosscheck the info as per your own before diving to make the terminal purchasing. You can talk with your friends or relatives too who might have the experience of using multiple helmets. Check it out what works best for you!

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