Vintage Motorcycle Helmets: Top 7

vintage motorcycle helmets

Vintage Motorcycle Helmets: Do you need to make a solid first impression? Vintage motorcycle helmets, with their vintage automobiles and music, are undoubtedly appealing.

Helmets from the past have a wide span of designs to fit every preference. Honestly, you’ll want to ensure that your buying helmet has been designed with safety in mind.

The greatest headgears are an outstanding excellent design and practical protection. Below are some of the greatest old-school motorcycle headgears available.

So, it’s the moment to get your engine started and hit the open road.

1) Nexx SX60 Vintage Open Face Helmet

This vintage headgear looks excellent with its cool matte black look complemented by thin orange stripes. The hue of the lines was meticulously matched manually, stitching to finish the effect. This vintage headgear is also incredibly light at only 2.3 pounds for maximum comfort.

So, the Nexx SX60 appears to be a fantastic machine. Is it, though?

The beauty of this helmet is only skin-deep. It has a Thermo Resin cover that increases impact and shock protection.

The helmet has a relatively tight fit, as you might expect. As a result, purchasers probably want to go up a size from their average helmet dimensions. Luckily, the sizes start from XS through XXL.


  • Five sizes are available.
  • It’s lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Detachable soft anti-allergic and anti-sweat fabric lining.
  • Thermo Resin cover.
  • Strong PVC shield.


  • The shield isn’t too dark, though.
  • The fitting instructions are not very precise.

2. Biltwell Gringo Full Face Vintage Motorcycle Helmets

Do you feel that many headgears are too tight? If that’s the case, then the Biltwell Gringo is perfect for you. It’s tailored to accommodate abnormal head structures and has simple adjustments.

Biltwell is a forerunner in the revival of vintage headgears. While this may appear in opposition, it fulfils two essential requirements. Both innovative protection and modern style are provided.

There are about six distinct sizes to choose from, and they come in a wide range of hues. The beautiful retro style on the exterior cover has exquisite hand-painted decorations. An inner bio-foam jaw pad with hand-stitched contrasting stitching is included for further protection.


  • It’s only three pounds in weight.
  • Designed to accommodate a wide span of the head form.
  • The outer shell is injection-shaped ABS.
  • An inner polystyrene shell


  • The faceguard is a little flimsy.
  • It’s impossible to get any air.

3. Bell Rogue Half-Size Vintage Motorcycle Helmets

Are you sick of swallowing insects when you are riding? This headgear may be the answer to your problem. It has an excellent muzzle with a connection of FidLock magnetic. Riders may remove the mien when not required.

The muzzle’s design is relatively calm, similar to German tank riders. When riding on a clear road, motorbikes will feel in command. There are only three cover and EPS choices available to allow customers to personalise their bikes.

It’s ideal for long trips on rough roads.

The helmet includes both head and chin protection. This helmet increases the safety of the headgear while also making it more comfortable on rough roads.


  • Both closed and open-face versions are available.
  • Entirely DOT certified.
  • Comfortable material that you can easily remove.
  • There are three different cover and EPS choices to choose from.


  • The headgear is quite large.
  • Getting the correct fit may be difficult.

4. Bell Custom 500 Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Are you itching to go back in time and ride a motorcycle like in the 1960s? This lovely open-face headgear will make you feel like a pro rider. It has added protection, however, which makes it even safer.

A unique thin-profile cover is included with the helmet.

Why is it so cool?

It ensures that the headgear is a good fit while also delivering maximum shield against falls and shocks.

This helmet is very light in comparison with many modern helmets. It also looks to be softer. This feature shows that even lengthy travels will be pleasant and relaxed. The extra-wide aperture allows you to see everything from beginning to end.


  • There are five distinct snap positions.
  • Good for people having smaller heads.
  • Provides shock and accident protection while riding.


  • The visor is omitted.
  • The cushion inside is thin.

5. TORC T50 Route 66 3/4 Helmet with ‘Flying Tiger’ Graphic

Do you want to stand out from the multitude? With this old-school helmet, you will never have to worry about that. The cool grinning ‘flying tiger’ style will stop individuals in their routines.

Even lengthy road journeys are more pleasant with the open-faced helmet and extremely light ABS cover. If the sun is so bright, the helmet comes with a shield to protect the eyes from the sun. However, it may be readily removed when this shield is not required.

Make a show of yourself.

The open-face style, in addition to road noise reduction, makes it easier to hear. Thanks to the large aperture, wearing eyeglasses is more comfortable for those who wear them frequently. You can also wear a pair of nice driving goggles with this helmet for a vintage appearance.


  • It’s made to stay in one spot.
  • It’s a fantastic design.
  • DOT approved.
  • It features a detachable visor.


  • A bit bulky and heavy.
  • No ventilation.
  • There isn’t much padding.

6. Vega Headgears Unisex-Adult Clear Face Motorcycle Headgear

This terrific equipment from Vega Headgears will appeal to anybody who likes open-faced headgears. It has a bright and distinctive logo on one side, as w additional safety features.

What about shielding?

The helmet’s outer cover is constructed of ABS plastic alloy automation. This feature makes the item more long-lasting and safer than many other products on the lightweight yet durable product.

All of these face visors are constructed with the highest quality materials. They’re created to meet a wide range of requirements. The helmet will protect bikers from the sun, fog, wind, or rain.

Wipe, or wash and dry. The headgear is lined with technical, soft, hypoallergenic, and breathable fabric to have the head comfortable and safe. This lining can be removed as needed by riders. When they want to wash it or replace it, they are free to do so at any time.

Vega Headgears has shown that fashionable individuals don’t need to sacrifice protection for style. Five-year guarantee is thrown in, so bikers will have the ability to put on this traditional helmet for coming years.


  • Thick inside lining
  • Total DOT certification.
  • 5-year manufacturer’s fault warranty included.
  • Thermoplastic ABS alloy technology.
  • The inner liner is a technical, breathable, soft, and hypoallergenic fabric.
  • There are face shields included.


  • The visor naturally comes off easily.
  • It’s better to get a bigger size than usual.

7. Woljay Leather Helmet Motorbike Biker Cruiser Minibike Touring Helmet

Have you desired to know what it is when you are a navigator? This vintage leather headgear puts users in the driver’s seat for real. A pair of antique glasses complete the look.

The user hooks one end of the strap to a D-ring on the helmet and secures it with side loops. This is an excellent feature because they can be readily removed when not required; on the other hand, they will desire to keep the goggles on them due to their good looks.


  • Made from durable leather.
  • The headgear has a quick-release strap.
  • DOT Verified.
  • Come with removable goggles.


  • The goggles are stylish, but they aren’t very effective.

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