Top 5 Best Motocross Helmets In 2022

Best motocross helmets. Are you an off-road bike rider with a lot of bravadoes? We are searching for you if that is the case. For off-road bikers like you, a high-quality motocross helmet is required. The hazards of your vocation are already considerable. If you do not maximize your Protection, your life can be in danger.

Choosing a decent filthy helmet is not simple. If you are unsure about this, check out our discussion. The greatest helmet of all time has been chosen for you by us, based on the finest brands of all time. You could just discover anything you like now that you have read the entire post. Let’s get started.

Top 5 Best Motorcross Helmets

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best motocross helmets

1. Bell Moto 9 Flex Dirt Bike Helmet

The Bell Moto-9 Flex Dirt helmet is beginning to develop into a category of helmets. Bell is well-known for producing helmets. To make helmets, manufacturers have tried their best to incorporate science and technology.

The Moto-9 Flex is an excellent motocross helmet. The three-layer protection system ensures maximum safety. It has a number of features that you would not expect in a modern motocross helmet, such as effective ventilation, noise reduction, and comfort for long periods of time.

We are confident that this current flex helmet will provide you with the utmost protection. So, if you need a new dirt bike helmet, be sure to add the Bell Moto-9 Flex to your shopping list.

The Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex Helmet is a carbon composite shell helmet. It is the lightest and most powerful shell available. The riders who prefer to ride off-road will appreciate the comfort and protection of this helmet. The Moto-9 Flex’s technology minimizes rotational power transmission. This is a lightweight helmet with an impact liner made up of three layers. The expanded polystyrene (EPS), expanded polyolefin (EPO) and expanded polypropylene (EPP) technology are used in the construction.

2. Arai VX-Pro 4

The aggressive dirt riders will enjoy the Arai VX-PRO 4. The Arais increased the weight of this model by four ounces to accommodate more robust and difficult components on this aggressive dirt bike helmet. This high-end helmet was designed to protect off-road riders from harm. That is why this is a fantastic choice for a great dirt bike helmet that is also adaptable.

The VX PRO-4 has a 2015 SNELL rating and is in line with DOT safety standards for optimum riding safety and protection. On the front, you may see three huge chin vents, one in the middle and two on each side. They are all quite massive. The Arai VX-PRO 4’s circular chin bar is one of the most distinctive features. In the event of an accident, rather than collapsing inward on your face or chin, the goal of making the chin bar is to break away and away from your face. 

There is a grating region you can see beneath the peak of the visor if you look closely. Direct sunlight has been absorbed by this area, which has been designed to eliminate glare and stray light. Arai’s VX-PRO 4 has another unique feature to safeguard the rider’s eyes while also enhancing overall visibility. In the event of a collision or accident, the visor or peak readily comes off. The visor may be adjusted up and down to improve or minimize glare from the sun.

3. Fox V1 Racing Helmet

Fox is a well-known name among off-road enthusiasts. It’s an excellent low-cost helmet. Most importantly, is the Fox brand of dirt helmets is a real treasure for people seeking a high-quality dirt helmet at an inexpensive price.

The Fox V1 is one of the most popular off-road helmets. Beginners will love this helmet. This is for those who want to get their money’s worth! The V1 racing helmet improves on Class-leading dirt bike helmet performance. For all dirt bike riders, it offers improved features, safety, and comfort. Due to its protection concerns, it is one of the most popular motocross helmets.

The Fox Racing V1 helmet is a lightweight and extremely comfy helmet. The helmet’s shell is composed of polycarbonate material. It maintains a certain grade of quality based on safety and performance. The helmet is quite tight-fitting. There are four separate shells for different head sizes, each with its own set of characteristics. 

The Fox Racing V1 helmet includes MIPS technology. It has been scientifically proved to reduce rotational force. On every journey, V1 gives you peace of mind.

The aggressive design of this helmet has a significant impact on ventilation. It is the greatest in terms of ventilation. There are nine intake vents and four exhaust vents. Hot air enters through those holes, keeping your face and head cool. The two front openings with grillwork on each side of the chin bar aid in the circulation of air.

4. 6D ATR-2

6D is a well-known helmet manufacturer that isn’t afraid to experiment with new ideas. It has built a name for itself by integrating cutting-edge technology into all elements of its helmets, and there are no exceptions when it comes to the 6D ATR-2. The ATR-2 is a high-tech piece of equipment designed with one objective in mind. Do not be scared off by the price. For those who have the financial means, purchasing an ATR-2 may be the greatest option for personal safety.

It is been said before, but it is worth noting again: this helmet is intended to keep its user as safe as feasible. The first line of defense comes from the thick outer shell. In contrast, the solid inner covering (essentially an inner shell) adds further protection. This is due to the dampening towers in the outer and inner linings that absorb energy from collisions and other conceivable harm before it reaches your brain.

The ventilation on this helmet is also fantastic. While other helmets may have a few ports and vents here and there, D6 appears to have gone insane and crammed numerous ventilation areas.

5. HJC CS-MX 2

There are more high-quality dart helmets to choose from, such as the HJC CS-MX 2. If you are looking for an inexpensive helmet, the CS-MX2 might be a better choice. It has all of the features that a decent dart helmet should have. For example, it includes excellent ventilation, is lightweight, comes with detachable and washable liners, and so on.

The HJC CS-MX II is a budget off-road helmet that we have included in our top list for those seeking less expensive, yet safe and sturdy helmets. The HJC CS-MX II is an inexpensive off-road helmet. Despite the fact that there is a link between helmet price and safety, the CS-MX-2 will not lack protection.

The CS-MX II helmet is made of a polycarbonate shell that has been injection-molded. These shells are quite durable and readily available. H.J.C., which is well-known for producing this sort of plastic helmet, works well in the field. So far, Sharp has tested four polycarbonate H.J.C. helmets and gave them an average rating of 4.25 out of 5.

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