The Best Winter Motorcycle Helmet: Top 7

winter motorcycle helmet

Winter motorcycle helmet: The best ones protect your head and face from the elements when it comes to winter motorcycle helmets. These include extreme cold, wind, and changing weather conditions.

Although most winter motorcycle helmets are technically open riding helmets, meaning that it does not have a chin guard or lining for warmth, the top-quality ones will keep your whole head safer from the elements.

As with any riding equipment, there is a vast range of winter motorcycle helmets in price and value for money.

Most are full-face helmets which can cost up to several hundred dollars. And you cannot be sure that an expensive helmet truly is warm or safe enough to protect your head when you ride during winter. A purpose-built motorcycle jacket liner and thick heated gloves would be helpful depending on the coldest winter days this season (and in all seasons).

Avoid riding with no protection, just as you would avoid riding without a helmet or protective Jacket on long-distance rides!

However, the standard DOT-approved motorcycle helmet will do the trick on milder days. Still, you need one specifically designed for colder weather or winter-only motorcycling if it gets much more complicated than 20 degrees, especially when you ride slower on longer rides or at night.

So – if you are new to being a biker, here is my selection of the best seven helmets that I believe you should consider if you travel on two wheels in the winter.

Top 7 Picks for the Best Winter Motorcycle Helmets

1) ILM Full Face Winter Motorcycle Helmet

This is a great-looking bike helmet and one of the best picks, in my opinion.

ILM is a leading company that has been in the motorcycle vent business since 1927. This helmet boasts dual shell technologies developed by racing legend Eric Bostrom.

The Anaconda inner side will absorb energy and violent impacts resulting in less sting when you hit your head during a fall which is what all bikers at least hope will never happen!

On the outer shell is the Crocodile style extra venting, which offers exceptional maximum air intake with its revolutionary moisture management device. This hygienic designed liner will trap hot air in it and not heat your head while riding, although separate neck warmers are available.

I have used one of my fleece neck scarves from an Eastern European supermarket for half the amount. However, these winter motorbike helmets come with ties to secure and hold it where you want to keep it because, like any scarf, it tends to move about a bit, especially if it’s attached under your chin or over. You’re mouth as I do on colder rides!

The removable neck scarf made of soft but warm polar fleece will help keep your neck, face, muff, and lips exceptionally safe from cold winds and other extreme weather conditions that bikers typically face in winter.

Experienced riders must surely know how essential this barrier is when you have to put on the full gas mask when it’s around 10 degrees outside!

Removable portions allow easier cleaning of the liner and moisture-wicking interior attached with Velcro straps.

Fluorescent colors are available for safety reasons, even though these color schemes look fantastic. Keep your head extra cozy during blustery rides, as I can vouch for myself after a few test rides.

2) Scorpion EXO-GT920 Winter Helmet

with Polar Fleece Neck Warmer and Removable Chin DNA Airflow Balaclava Face Mask, Metallic

The Scorpion Exo-gt920 modular full helmet, through its ILM influences, is developed specifically for most advanced motorbike helmets.

It offers extra strength in regular high impacts, and its mesh can be removed for washing if you get a bit gunk on it after a ride or it rains! If you take the neck warmer mask off, you’ll see that there are two layers of the liner composed of three particular heat-sealed removable layers; super soft tricot, moisture-wicking microfleece, and a specialized breathable water repellent top layer.

Check out this video on what to wear in extreme weather conditions as a biker –

It has an anti-fog thermal lens with UV protection, anti-scratch coating, and acceptable ventilation holes perfect for winter days like ours here in December!

If your head cannot crack open, then no other part of your body will feel too much pain, so let’s go over some tips.

3) GMAX GM-11S Trapper Helmet

Next, we’ve got the Maxxis GM-11S Snow Ski/Snowmobile helmet that is uniquely designed and constructed for snowmobile and skiing trips and won’t deplete your bank. It feels like the Snell helmets I’ve tried in the shop but with stuff like rubberized webbings that don’t come off quickly.

The shell is a satisfying combination of waterproof, durable, and lightweight materials requiring not so much as an extra inch to compensate!

Features include but are not limited to a shorty style chin guard or cheek pads, convenient half EPS core (high impact) in different parts of the design, and the protective shock liner ensures you receive proper warmth on colder rides.

Last but not least, four inner adjustable settings can prove to be indispensable when it’s super chilly outside, and you may often forget if it’s just a little warm when riding or it’s freezing!

It may seem ordinary at first, but don’t get intimidated by just looking at it. For some reason above, some MTB/Motorcycle snowmobile riders prefer goose down balaclavas by keeping their necks safe from extreme windchill conditions, thus preventing hypothermia.

4) Bell Qualifier Helmet

Bell has this high-end adult full-face helmet with state-of-the-art vents and adjustable, easy locks with no significant gaps at the base of the neck, allowing hot air to go through. It also features whopping vents for cold rides and a removable, washable liner for ventilation.

Something good about this is that it’s a Full Face, so when you look over the visor or some glasses, it won’t give you any problems cursing on you while riding.

The somewhat glossy custom design is hard to get all muddy, waterlogged, or anything like that. I say just a quick wipe, and you’re clean in terms of looks!

They also developed this with sportbike guys and sportbike riding styles, providing protection towards frontal impacts but compensating protection delay against lateral ones a little.

5) Scorpion EXO-AT950 Modular Helmet

This is the best modular helmet I’ve tried out of the ones I could find on the market today.

It’s a great-looking helmet with a decent weight and made with high-quality materials that don’t feel like they will break anytime soon.

Many modular helmets are less safe than non-modular ones, but this one is different. It feels like it can handle a hard blow without breaking apart or cracking at all.

The overall fit and finish are just flawless, which makes you feel comfortable knowing that you’re wearing something that has been taken care of by professionals who know what’s in your best interest, whether you find yourself riding in hot or cold weather conditions!

The outer shell is made from composite fiberglass that gives it strength and lightweight properties for when you need to carry it around all day long on your back. Also, the interior liner is made from EPS foam which provides extra protection from impacts.

The chin guard has been designed to be removable, so if you’re not planning on riding through snow or dirt all day long, you can remove it, so there’s nothing in your way!

6) HJC Helmets CS-R3

This winter motorcycle helmet has a short oval head shape design to make it broader for people with thicker jaws, smaller foreheads, and shorter necks.

The cheek pads are replaceable, so you can always add some for extra comfort and permanently remove them if that’s inconvenient.

They have a premium finish all over, giving it the look of carbon fiber with clean-cut rubber lines going all across the shell, making this helmet look like one of the meanest helmets I’ve seen in terms of appearance!

When it comes to vents, there are four inlet two outlets at the high point from the very bottom to the top of the chin bar, which is more extensive than facial protection gear with chin bars that tend to vent heat upwards as opposed to outwards.

7) AGV Full Face Helmet

I like AGV helmets Avant Tecno that I purchased for my previous experience for the “bang for buck” phrase, and this helmet here falls right smack in the middle of everything else.

It’s no better or worse than your regular full-face helmet, so it’s nice to know that there’s something more affordable but still has good quality inside too!

Perfect look matched with functionality, they show you with this product exactly what they mean by combining the safety level with its price!

It has a large shield to hide those more significant obvious cracks and scratches that may appear in a short period, depending on riding habits and exposure!

All new paint match even works with white liner. It is strong yet lightweight because one of its features is an AIM+ shell throughout. Your chin is guarded by a double layer which also aids in preventing any crack!

The ventilation system works nicely, dispersing hot air from coming into this helmet through its multiple exits located on:

The internal lining (for a more relaxed feel) XPS multi-impact energy-absorbing foam that does not promote bacterial growth through a sweat-neutral antimicrobial paper liner that can be replaced whenever needed. Thanks for protecting me from keeping sweat sliding in front of my eyes or at the back of my neck!

I have been riding on two wheels on and off the road for +20 years. Having access to 100's of brands of helmets, gear, and bikes - you could say that I have the dream job of a motorcycle junkie.