The Best Touring Motorcycle Helmets

The best helmet, it is said, is the one you wear the most. Features rarely matter when it comes to splitting hairs; if you’re wearing it and it’s comfortable, you’ve done your job. Helmets come in all shapes and sizes, and while some are designed to do one thing well, others are not. In the case of touring helmets, this entails customizing the weight, balance, and comfort characteristics to longer-distance adventures with the rider sitting mostly upright.

Consider bikes like the Honda Gold Wing, BMW K 1600 GTL, or Harley-Davidson Street Glide for reference. With this in mind, a carefully developed touring helmet will improve comfort, balance, and ventilation to meet a wide range of touring motorcycle helmets demands. We looked for helmets with premium features and finishes, as well as feature sets and creature comforts that weighed less than 4 pounds.

The Best Touring Motorcycle Helmet

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touring motorcycle helmets

1. AGV K3 SV Ride 46 Helmet

However, the AGV K-3’s helmet comes with a rear-wheel lock and is both safe and inexpensive. On England’s notoriously tough Sharp’s safety testing, the AGV K-3 earned 4/5 stars. Its integrated rear spoiler, therefore, mutes airflow because it piggybacks off AGV’s experience while developing its Pista and Corsa helmets. A chin bar designed to break through the wind is another example. AGV also has an internal four front vents, a sun visor, and two exit ports inside. Did we mention it weighs just 3.69 pounds? That’s remarkable for a helmet of this price range.

Giro has added some features it picked up while creating racing helmets for MotoGP. The K-3 has a stronger, more secure visor with hard detents that won’t release the shield even after it’s partially opened for increased ventilation. Even the headliner is tapered at the bottom, making a collar bone break less likely in the event of a collision.

2. AGV SportModular

The SportModular is light and small, like the AGV Sportmodular Helmet, which was designed to comply with the highest standards. The SportModular is a lightweight bike helmet with a 100 percent carbon-fiber shell and metal locking hardware for the chin bar, a drop-down sun shield, adjustable ventilation, a reversible crown pad (with different fabric on either side for warm or cold climates), as well as fast and simple shield removal. DOT and ECE certified The SportModular is both DOT and ECE certified, along with having a Pinlock insert included in the box.

With a face-lift several years ago, the Arai Signet-X is ideal for long-oval headed touring riders because of its light yet robust shell construction, new ventilation ducts for improved ventilation, and a new detachable and water-repellent chin cover to smooth airflow and reduce wind noise from below. The antibacterial liner maintains freshness. It’s also one of the few DOT and Snell-certified helmets on this list.

3. AGV AX9 Pacific Road Helmet

The AGV AX-9 is made of lightweight carbon fiber, bringing the weight down to just 3.69 pounds and making it more comfortable for lengthy motorbike journeys. It also has some extra features to make it even more adaptable to all types of ADV riders.

The helmet has a multi-modal mouth port that allows you to remove the standard screen at the front of the helmet, allowing for up to 300% more airflow front to back. An enormous visor is also included as an aerodynamic and eye-shading benefit. The visor can be disconnected and adjusted on the go, allowing you to customize any sail effect freely.

4. Shoei GT-Air II

The GT is on this list because it is lighter, quieter, and less costly than the Neotec, which weighs in at just over 3 pounds. This year’s new GT-Air II has a longer internal sun shield for greater glare protection; enhanced aerodynamics for noise and less drag due to a fresh streamlined shell design with a spoiler and maximized improved airflow.

The new shield is also wider and taller than the previous one, with 99.9 percent UV protection. A Pinlock Anti-Fog lens is supplied, allowing the GT-Air II to seamlessly integrate with the all-new Sena SRL2 Communication System.

5. Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Helmet

The Bell Qualifier DLX is a no-frills helmet that offers excellent features and technology for an affordable price. For protection, there’s a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), which is a shell within a shell. That distributes the initial impact of a collision and protects against traumatic brain injury. Bell also includes an adjustable face shield with photochromic capabilities that adjusts to light or dark conditions without your intervention (no more squinting!).

The Bell helmet was designed in a wind tunnel to be more aerodynamic and minimize wind noise. An internal collar was added by Bell to limit the amount of loud air flowing through it. Do you want to change your lenses? It’s no trouble at all: Bell integrated a fast-release mechanism so that replacing the lenses is simple.

6. Klim TK1200 Karbon

The all-carbon intermediate-oval TK1200 from Klim is the lightest full-face lid on the market of touring motorcycle helmets, weighing in at just 3.2 pounds. It omits the integrated sun visor that most touring lids have and uses a Transitions shield instead. Which contributes to its reduced weight. To alleviate head and neck strain in case of an accident, this modular lid’s design allows the chin bar to rotate past vertical. The optically superior shield darkens as needed for the same level of sun protection based on the outside light. There’s a micrometric clasp to fasten and release the goggles quickly. And there’s even a Pinlock lens included in the package. The TK1200 is also DOT and ECE certified.

7. Arai Corsair X Schwantz Helmet

Touring motorcycle helmets – Corsair-X is a racing helmet designed by Arai, which was inspired by crotch rockets rather than Harleys. The angled venting, aerodynamics, and low weight of the helmet — just 3 lbs 11 oz — are intended for the street rider or track rider who races fast.

The Corsair-X face shield has a two-position clasp that securely shuts the shield yet leaves it open for ventilation. Allowing you to vent safely without the shield flying up at 70 mph. The front of your head receives improved airflow through these ports. In cooler months, a detachable neck roll can be removed to allow you to exhaust even more heat when bombing down the track.

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