The Best Smart Motorcycle Helmet: Top 7

As the planet grows more smart and interconnected, we must as Riders. And being smarter while driving is not limited to using smart automobiles. Smart motorcycle helmets with in-built sensors for two-wheeler drivers because they save lives by providing several services. They allow drivers to make the most of existing resources and improve their on-road experience in a variety of ways.

A smart helmet is a technological breakthrough that relegates traditional helmets to the realm of absurdity. With smart helmets, drivers may be safer, more efficient, and have a better driving experience.

We have gathered a list of the top seven smart helmets for 2021-2022 if you are searching for the qualities mentioned above and have experience. Check out the table of contents if you’re in a hurry.

Top 7 Best Smart Motorcycle Helmet

smart motorcycle helmet

1. Audio N02 – Harley Davidson Boom!

The Harley Davidson Road King is one of the most popular helmets in the company’s history. It has all of the communication features you could want in a full-face helmet, as well as simplicity and protection. The two modules integrated into this helmet are Bluetooth and mesh. This ensures that you can stay connected to your phone/music while riding, as well as your riding companions.

The rear of the helmet has a small rack of six buttons, which are positioned towards the back and out of the way to preserve aerodynamics. The fog is repelled by chin and forehead vents, while the fiberglass composite shell prevents the helmet from becoming too heavy.

2. Bluetooth Helmets: Torc T14 Blinc

The RST Tango and the Giro Adventure 14 are two of our top picks for 2018. Both helmets use an EPS system of dual-density that is supreme to all other kinds of helmet paddings available. 

What does EPS mean?

Opposite to other types of padding, Expanded Polystyrene or EPS does not rebound after realizing a compressing impact. This helps to provide the rider with more protection than rubber foam padding. 

Because rubbery padding rebounds when compressed, the material sends energy back to the very region we’re trying to defend. As a result, EPS does not send the collision back to your head.

The advanced polycarbonate shell is designed to protect the driver by reducing weight and dispersing impact energy. 

3. Momentum EVO

Sena Technologies is a helmet manufacturer based in South Korea that produces some of the finest bike helmets, such as Momentum Evo. This isn’t your typical helmet; it provides extra protection over and above what a helmet normally does.

It’s a bike helmet with a Bluetooth system and Mesh intercom capability. To put it another way, It permits cyclists and passengers to converse with each other as well as talk to 24 people at once.

The Bluetooth functionality of the JUVE EVO is incorporated and all controls are on the left side of the helmet. Controls are readily available to users, and they may be utilized with gloves on. The helmet has a long-lasting battery and can provide up to 15hr+ Talktime when used appropriately.

The EVO version of the Momentum comes with a WiFi adaptor by Sena, allowing for quick software updates. The helmet may also be recharged using the same connection in any location.

This helmet is not just about technology, as it has a stylish and athletic appearance. Fear not about the quality; it meets DOT certified requirements, ensuring that your head is protected from high-speed impacts.

4. Sena Momentum Inc Pro

Sena has long been known for its Bluetooth communication devices, and the company is now fully entrenched in the smart helmet industry. Their top-of-the-line model is the Sena Momentum Inc Pro, which features a slew of sophisticated features.

The Momentum Inc Pro has a QHD camera built-in. You may add any helmet with a camera, but aerodynamics and convenience are affected. This one is already included, fully equipped. Other functions include intelligent noise reduction, Bluetooth audio playback, group intercom, voice commands, and even music sharing. Of course, DOT certification assures that you are secure in the event of an accident.

5. Crosshelmet X1

CrossHelmet is a dual-monitor HUD system that claims to be the first of its kind on the market. Even in the worst lighting conditions, CrossHelmet’s bifocal display offers good picture quality. The rider can see critical riding information like their rearview video, route directions, weather, and time on the monitor. It’s extremely flexible in terms of rider preference. You’d see something like this in a science-fiction movie. Having critical information on the screen might allow you to avoid relying on your smartphone while driving and still read the directions. 

The sophisticated noise control technology in the Gixxer 600 ABS can alter environmental sounds as necessary. The camera gives a 360-degree view and displays what’s going on behind the rider on the front screen. 

To use smart helmet features on the go effortlessly, the left earpiece has a built-in, discreet touch screen. Furthermore, LEDs mounted on both sides of the smart helmet aid in preventing accidents while riding at night.

6. FreedConn

Do you want to get a good deal on a bike helmet? If that’s the case, FreedConn is the way to go. It has a built-in noise-canceling microphone, speaker, and Bluetooth. It also supports intercom communications between up to three riders within a 500m radius.

If you’re going on a road trip with your pals, girlfriend, or spouse and want to listen to music while you ride, this is the helmet for you. Bluetooth will keep you linked with one another at all times. It’s DOT-certified, so you can sleep well knowing that it meets industry standards.

The FreedomPop CBG-1 is equipped with built-in goggles to protect your eyes from the sun. It’s lightweight, making it a pleasure to wear. Users may be warned if they are approaching each other too rapidly via the intercom function.

It also has noise reduction so you can hear clearly what the other person is saying without losing attention. You may modify the helmet to your liking because the cheek pad and liner are detachable.

The best bike helmet in its price range, with a Bluetooth system. It has a stylish-looking design and an excellent quality Bluetooth system.

7. TORC T15B

The T15B is a beautiful, sleek motorcycle helmet with a lovely dual-tone gloss and matte finish graphic design. It’s one of the most popular Bluetooth motorbike helmets on Amazon.

The helmet’s built-in spoiler helps to keep the helmet stable, making it less prone to wiggle and providing a better grip on the head. The chin vent keeps you from feeling confined while driving.

The Torc T15B has an anti-fog and scratch-resistant windshield, ensuring that you maintain a clear view while riding. The Torc T15B’s double speaker system with a 400-meter intercom range ensures crystal communication as you ride.

The Blinc VIA is a Bluetooth-enabled helmet that connects to any other user of the TORC helmet. It comes with a one-click user interface, allowing you to accept or reject calls merely by clicking a button. The helmet has an ergonomic design and includes a built-in drop visor to protect you from the sun.

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