The Best Skull Motorcycle Helmet: Top 5

In the world of motorcycles, a skull motorcycle helmet is rather popular. When most people think of cool bikers, skulls come to mind. Skull rings, tees, jackets, vests, and other items are available. Skulls are frequently associated with tough biker males in biker gangs or organizations. The image of a skull and a Harley-Davidson motorbike go hand in hand well; it isn’t restricted to Harleys.

We decided it was worth delving into the subject of skull motorcycle helmets after seeing how important motorcycles are to bikers and their helmets, which are also popular.

Top 5 Best Skull Motorcycle Helmet

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skull motorcycle helmet


With skull-inspired designs, the Matte Black/Silver Gaf X1 Storm is now available to order on Amazon. This helmet has all of the qualities you want in a motorcycle helmet, including an ultra-lightweight and durable shell. This helmet includes all of the characteristics you desire for a mechanic skull design!

The aerodynamic design of a full-face helmet allows for a smooth ride. To make a lightweight helmet, this has been constructed with a thermoplastic alloy shell. In extended excursions, you will not have to worry about extra weight on your head and shoulders!


The crown is airy with three levels of top ventilation and a five-position ventilation channel to distribute cool air. This helps to distribute the amount of airflow in various situations, ensuring that you do not suffocate in different environments!

To keep it clean and dust-free, it features a detachable and washable inner. The high-density cushion provides you with secure protection from blows. To add a final touch, the skull helmet has a high-gloss finish that protects against UV rays. In conditions of intense sunshine, no gloss will fade!

With an aerodynamic back, the headgear includes a venture-effect exhaust spoiler to enhance stability and reduce wind resistance. This benefits to increase stability at high speeds. You will not be exposed to the elements on the road! For greater eye protection, the helmet comes with tinted, transparent, and smoked visors that shield against various weather conditions.

Precise cuts ensure that no chemicals or irritants will enter your eyes, and these visors can help you avoid blurred vision! The product has a fast-release buckle for wearing and taking off quickly to keep the helmet in place. DOT-approved headwear.

2. Icon Airflite Skull18 Helmet

Do you want a stylish full-face helmet with the skull design integrated into the shell’s design? The Icon Airflite is the skull helmet you’ve been searching for. You already have a distinct look thanks to the skull graphic pattern on it, which adds to its appeal.

The Transcendence V.2 is a full-face mountain bike helmet from Bell that’s got a polycarbonate shell injection-molded, several intakes, and exhaust vents, a fog-free face shield that’s huge, detachable side plates, a chin curtain, a breath deflector, and a moisture-wicking liner. The helmet also has DOT, ECE, SAI (Snell GSA), and SG (Schuberth) approval.

3. ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Style Matte Black Helmet

The ScorpionExo Covert is ideal for shaping the appearance of a skull in a full-face helmet. To find a helmet that forms the semblance of a skull, ScorpionExo Covert has all of the characteristics you need! The matte black design provides excellent head protection for the skull full-face motorcycle helmet.

The helmet is made of a high-tech polycarbonate shell that gives lightweight head protection. In extended journeys, you will not feel any strain on your head or shoulders! The helmet has a retractable tinted sun visor to relieve eye strain in changing light conditions. This allows you to enjoy a secure journey without straining your eyes. Particles will not damage your vision! The product comes with a dark smoke kit that includes an additional clear visor for nighttime riding. This allows you to ride at night without any difficulties.

The helmet is available in three different designs, as it can be molded to fit your head. The front mask of the product may be removed and replaced with a half helmet style. This works in tandem with block-off plates for a three-quarter mode. For optimum ventilation, change the helmet into an open face position!

The D-ring fastener on this skull-shaped helmet allows for quick adjustments without feeling loose or restricted. The helmet has a moisture-wicking and anti-microbial fabric to remove moisture, keeping you dry and bacteria-free. This helps to keep you cool and comfortable in the heat by wicking away sweat. The inner liner is machine washable and replaceable. DOT certification is provided by this helmet.

4. Ghost Skull Helmet – Fly Racing Street 9mm

If you enjoy the traditional look of old-school military helmets and skulls, the Ghost Skull Helmet – Fly Racing Street 9mm will pique your interest. The helmet has some unique German WWII design features. Another cool element is the inclusion of a skull graphic on the helmet’s side.

The helmet is made of a poly-alloy shell thermoplastic, a dual-density EPS liner, and a washable and replaceable Coolmax comfort liner. Because the helmet has DOT approval, you’ll be legal anywhere you go.

5. TORC T50 Route 66 Smoke Skull Lucky 13 Open Face Helmet

TORC has developed a variety of helmet styles with various designs to give an aesthetically appealing appearance. The open-face helmet features a frightening skull, making it ideal for riders looking to have a killing ride. This helmet is perfect for individuals seeking a skull with natural ventilation who want to stand out!

The interior of the skull design helmet is made of sheared cotton fleece to provide maximum comfort. This helps you avoid injury in the event of a collision and also increases energy displacement.

The intermediate oval form of the helmet is ideal for riders with an average head shape. The headgear has two outer shell sizes to ensure that the appearance of the design is proportional. This helps you to fit your head precisely while also ensuring a lightweight design at high speeds.


The visor is adjustable with a five-button snap system and three-snap peaks, allowing you to fine-tune it. The headwear is made of ultra-suede fabric that wicks away moisture, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable in the heat. In heated conditions, expect no sweat or headaches!

The helmet has a cushioned interior as well as detachable cheek cushions. This helps to keep it clean and dust-free. The outer shell is made of woven knit polyester with Spandex added to expand the head fit for comfort. This aids in the stretching of the head fit for greater comfort. The head shape is preserved without losing helmet fitting after an extended period of use. It is approved by DOT.

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