The Best Pink Motorcycle Helmet To Buy In 2022

Buying a motorcycle is a big decision. But if you’re looking for the best pink motorcycle helmet, you’ll want to look no further than our list of the five best motorcycles for pink riders. We’ve got the perfect bike for your unique style, from classic motorcycles to sporty bikes.

So, whether you’re looking for a new bike or an upgrade, our list has you covered!

What Are the Benefits of a Pink Motorcycle Helmet?

There are many benefits to wearing a pink motorcycle helmet. But some of the most common benefits include:

– It’s great for visibility when riding in the sun or bright sunlight.

– It helps prevent accidents and get more safety when on the road.

– It’s perfect for protecting your face from the sun and other harmful elements.

– It’s stylish and popular for women.

– It can help you feel more confident while on the bike.

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best pink Motorcycle Helmets

Bell Qualifier Full-Face-Pink Motorcycle Helmet


Bell Qualifier has been an industry leader for years, and their Qualifier line is another success story.

Especially Pink with pink graphics that stand out on the road, off the road, and at shows.

With a dual-density foam interior padding offering the best comfort possible, combined with bubble wrap vapour breath deflectors, the Qualifier Full-Face pink motorcycle helmet allows maximum airflow to trap moisture and cooler, more comfortable temperatures dissipating moisture via a fully adjustable Drilite Velocity adjustable vent strap.

The Bell XP includes Bells two-piece vinyl removable cheek pads that can be worn with elcartuchito inner layer padding, which also attaches to additional protective anti-scratch clear vinyl, also measures in between 700c volume for a truly protective feel for your head during extended rides.

LS2 Helmets Assault Techy Full Face Motorcycle Helmet W/SunShield (Gloss White/Pink – Large)


The LS2 Assault lightweight long-style barebones styling helmet does not compromise safety and functionality, featuring the LEAR Micron R impact-absorbing PBAX3A layer, which provides EPS (enhanced protective system) in the critical areas of the head and face.

Not only is this helmet designed with airflow in mind and an innovative adjustment quick-turn EVAC Air Channel system, but it also offers MIPS protection abilities built-in.

Complete with a recessed lower section, X-flex handlebar retention, and a double D-ring chin strap that can be locked/unlocked with a Speed Dial fastener.

As evident as the lightweight simplistic, yet effective design, you will notice its high-quality camo-style graphics and finish.

Easy on-off snaps allow for quick washing.

Includes Fox Fluid Factory Fit Extended Size to accommodate 51cm – 62 cm heads measuring over 57cm around (145cm – 160cm), provides additional protection from forces felt only by-products that are standard-fit helmets in general market channels at retail today!

Scorpion EXO-AT950 Neocon – Women Motorcycle Helmet

The Scorpion EXO-AT950 Neocon is the most powerful adventure trencher yet made.

Fitted with only Scorpion”s new thinking in materials and technical astuteness, the EXO-AT950 shares uncompromising performance traits with the rest of its sub-Scorpion family in a proper adventure line helmet.

The 2012 model”s advanced adjustable cheek pad allows the helmet to be fitted one size smaller for complete control over this crucial design element during aerial assaults.

Scorpion’s unique idea, yet a responsive thinker: give the impression of 2 different helmets for just 1, fit freely for an unbridled front-end presence, or even change its fundamental shape altogether at will.

The fit system also employs the Autoseal retention system that utilises the helmet’s existing pattern mesh liner to ensure it stays locked in.

This feature, combined with a single integrated ventilation strip that runs along each side, joins up fluidly with the subtly flared visor peak designed specifically for maximum peripheral vision while travelling atop any terrain tool.

Options are an active ventilation mode (the first deployed) that maximises airflow efficiency while riding flat on a pillion.

TORC Unisex-Adult Helmet

The TORC Unisex Adult Helmet is built for Short S / Long S fit heads; women and men can wear the same helmet. The website advises getting your head measured if you are unsure of your size.

They offer a 3D camo pattern or matching multi-tone graphic printed helmet shells to suit your taste. When multiple colours are available, the kevlar is clear coated to prevent it from discolouring prematurely.

TORC also produces a low-profile Zippering Visor that fits under the original visor as if it were a new addition to the package – this makes no one over 50 look out of date!

TORC’s crash replacement and warranty service are exceptional and backed by an “I am very pleased with the speed my helmet arrived” feedback section on the website – I’d heartily concur there!

ILM Motorcycle Helmet Full Face with Pinlock Compatible Visors

My ILM helmet arrived quickly! Really strong construction – the safety wiring is both personal and bulletproof.

A warm, clear coating on the shell (and lining) means you slightly lose the low sheen look, but I don’t think $200 worth of plastic is too much to have that look!

I wish it were in a smaller version with a solid colour–torc doesn’t get more colour options than this!

I mounted my usual “pure” Pinlock visor but operated without issues at speed in any light.

The pin lock system provides excellent flow even with a small number of sneaking debris (as long as you seal the strap against your face when at stoplights, then!).

Solid mount points for chin straps both over and under your face keep the helmet stable and tight, whether up or down; tested on low speeds for regular commutes and sitting aboard the bike for long trips.

I could tighten it to practically no point if down (and didn’t need to use a neck protector for that).

If you ride into rain–not engineered to leak–it’s an additional safeguard from spills from non-adheres; however, most barebones helmets obviously can suffer similarly when they blow flying around while riding hard in the saddle.


Pink helmets are rarer than most old lady gloves and yellow, white, and school freebies. They come off as “Just cool” / casual, which is a hard look to pull off in the bike world besides at a motocross race where everyone wears leftover tacky helmets.

The low-price tag equates to a great quality helmet with an aggressive style to wear it. It would help if you tried it.

I have been riding on two wheels on and off the road for +20 years. Having access to 100's of brands of helmets, gear, and bikes - you could say that I have the dream job of a motorcycle junkie.