The Best Novelty Motorcycle Helmets

novelty motorcycle helmets

Novelty Motorcycle Helmets: Motorcycle helmets are designed to keep you safe. However, it isn’t just about safety any longer.

It’s about showcasing your individuality and, to a certain extent, coping with the newest trends. Most of you will undoubtedly be leading the pack.

The headcover is just as vital as the type of bike you drive.

Look out for these favorites we’ve gathered in a simple-to-scan item table if you’re in a rush.

Helmets with a unique design are intended only to make a good lookout for you. When it comes to novelty headgear, safety takes a backseat to fashion.

Here’s a rundown of the greatest unusual motorcycle headgears available online.

1. Best Half Beanie Style helmet


The BikerAccess Unusual Eagle headgear is fiberglass covering and includes a D-ring-furnished chinstrap. It’s not D.O.T. certified, and it has a cushioned interior for added comfort.

It is available in a variety of sizes and costs reasonable.


  • Traditional design and old-fashioned looks
  • The lightest and most comfortable headgear.
  • It doesn’t have an overly tall crown.
  • It appears to be a DOT-authorized headgear (as much as it isn’t)


  • It’s narrow in construction, so people with bigger, more giant may have problems.
  • In the case of a collision, it offers practically no protection.


The BikerAccess helmet is probably the most unusual helmet on this list, and it is no surprise that it comes from a company named after motorbike accessories.

It is clear that it isn’t a genuine protective headgear; the creator even alerts you about its unapproved.

2. Best Skull Cap Novelty Helmet

There are not many color options. You can pick from dark (flat black or shiny black), white, and red. Does anyone hate a good old-fashioned matte black? It has a soft interior lining and straps to give you comfort.


  • It’s a fantastic motorbike helmet that gives you an excellent biker feeling while also looking stunning.


  • It may not be used as protective headgear because it does not comply with D.O.T. standards.

It’s a standard and an old-school design with a ¾ open-face headgear. The shape has been lifted straight from the 1960s and 1970s.

It has the classic old-school look without current face covers and no additional luggage.

It’s more bling, and it isn’t intended for safety. Remember, it’s not as safe as the original version.

3. Best German Style with Goggles


The Hanmi old-school German design half headgear is constructed of A.B.S. pliable material and is a humorous helmet.

It’s available in various colors and has vintage goggles, like a star-and-white stripes pattern on a dark platform and a faux copper-and leather appearance.


  • The goggles give it an edgy look, which is especially appealing given the overall tone of the design itself.
  • It’s simple to change the chin strap.
  • There are several ways to finish a shower enclosure.


  • It feels a bit flimsy to me.
  • There is only one size available.


This item is also a beautiful old-school half headgear. These were formerly quite famous among biker clubs and others who enjoyed cruising in the 1950s and 1960s.

This item also includes an earmuff, a goggle, and headgear. The detachable ear muffle is exceptionally comfortable and will come in handy.

A vintage bike coupled with this headgear will guarantee that everyone looks at you as you ride anywhere.

4. Novelty Rebel Star Open Face


The Course 66 T-50 is a classy A.B.S. design helmet with an afflicted retro paint motif with white and red lines and a blue backdrop with a white star that DOT-certified as a fun novelty headgear.


  • D.O.T. approval
  • This cleverly designed, attractive, and decisively vintage aesthetic with a bit of American pride.
  • It feels lovely on the skull.


  • Sizing can be a little tight.
  • For some people, the top will sit somewhat high on the head.


The TORC headgear straddles the line between amusing and practical helmets.

Other than the ones outlined in the disadvantages column, there’s the reality that it is a badge.

However, this should not be a deterrent if you want to scrape and paint your home’s exterior. Original afflicted paintwork would far exceed the cost it is low (less than $100).

5. Novelty head Face 3/4 Helmet


Of course, the 1Storm bike Dual shade Open Face headgear is another one of today’s skull-motivated (even with an excellent Mohawk style) funny helmets.

It’s also a dual-purpose gadget, like the one on our list, with D.O.T. certification, giving it additional usefulness.

It’s available in S-2XL sizes.


  • D.O.T. certification
  • There are various choices when it comes to the surface finish.
  • Comfortable fit
  • More information compared to the IV2 replica


  • It may be unpleasant to wear a facial mask with a Skull visor.
  • The Visor may restrict peripheral vision.


The Thinsulate fabric is quite comfy, and it has a good look thanks to the 3D elements on the plastic skull. Like all novel headgears, it has its drawbacks: The none scratch-repellant lenses, for instance, and keeping down the skull-face shield may limit one’s vision.

6. German Motorcycle Half Helmet Novelty Spikes

The sturdy polycarbonate cover makes this exceptional item seem fantastic.

The inside is charming and well-cushioned.

The German look, on its own, should be sufficient to set you apart from the congregation. It also has a strong-looking prong to back up your hard exterior.

It’s an unusual headgear, not meant to be worn for protection. It won’t protect you in the event of an accident, and it won’t help you if you’re caught in one.

7. IV2 “3D Skull” Chopper, Half helmet, Cruiser, Beanie

Coolest Unusual Half headgear

Another headgear that looks amazing and is entirely fantastic. And for grounds I can’t fathom, it’s no longer available.

It has a spectacular 3D design skull.

D.O.T. has certified this model, even though it appears to be a joke helmet.

A lightweight, long-lasting shell has been used in the conto construct.

The interior is stuffed for added support, and the two d-rings ensure that the headgear stays on your head.

It’s presently available at a fair price and in various color choices.

Reaper Black 3D Skull Motorbike Headgear

With a sleek skull front colored on it, the Black Reaper headgear keeps up its name. The Skeleton graphic has especially been airbrushed onto the entire black headgear, offering it a Gothic appearance.

It has a lightweight, long-lasting case. It’s not simply for show; it also includes a cotton inner that delivers maximum comfort.

The eye dents are designed with integrated transparent lenses.

This headgear was designed after the Ghost Rider, but your spouse will likely despise it. However, your pals will be amazed, and you will receive a lot of praise.

It’s a one-of-a-kind headgear that you’ll probably never spot anyone else with the helmet. It looked terrifying and was not developed with security in consideration. It is suitable for short local rides.


Overall, the finest bargains in these unusual headgears are those with distinctive appearance and endurance, the (a nice skull compared to IV2), (which is ranked best for greatness).

You can enjoy new headgear usage without sacrificing a lot regarding security, and they all have reasonable prices. Their D.O.T. accreditation is what distinguishes them.

The last two are just for fun, so you’re putting your health at risk if you utilize them. The item is most certainly the least defensive and the slightest encumbering of the pair.

Again, consider the trade you’re making here: the “looser” the headgear is, the less shield it will provide in an emergency. It is up to you to choose whether the item’s novelty value outweighs that risk.

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