The Best Motorcycle Helmet For Women: Top 10

There was a time when women’s motorcycle helmets were less valued in the market. Many big and high-end industry leaders focused solely on producing and developing motorbike helmets for men. Some people may regard it as favoring males, but the fact is that there weren’t many female motorcycle drivers at the time. This is why large helmet manufacturers who are known for producing high-quality helmets did not devote much attention to women’s riding gear. And the only back seats for ladies were those worn by female passengers who sat in the rear of the car.

Women’s motorcycle helmets are becoming more popular, and in 2022, they will be better recognized because many businesses will provide a wide range of different designs of female motorbike helmets with outstanding protection, comfort, and various pattern options. As a result, there is now a specialized sector for women’s motorcycle helmets and other motorbike gear as well as protective clothing such as biker jackets with superior durability and design.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet For Women

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1. Motorcycle Helmet – HJC CL-17 Mystic 

The HJC IS-17 is one of the first, into-level helmet manufacturers, combining value with attractive good looks and all of the safety features you could want in a DOT-certified helmet. A lighter, better-fitting advanced polycarbonate composite shell is ideal for a smaller feminine head. Advanced CAD technology improves comfort and fits while also increasing safety. The lock-ready face shield anti-scratch pin provides complete facial protection but still allows for excellent vision with the Scratch Resistance Visor and 95 percent U.V. protection. For maximum weather protection, the side shield lock mechanism creates an ultra-tight seal around your helmet.

2. Shoei RF-SR Helmet

The Shoei RF-SR is a helmet that is less expensive than the Neotec II. By entry-level, we mean more expensive than most helmets on the market but not as pricey as the Shoei Neotec II. These are high-end helmets, and they cost a little extra.

The RF-SR is a beautiful, floor-to-ceiling helmet with a lot of ventilation. There are intakes above the visor and under the chin. Outflow vents may be found on the top rear of the helmet to prevent fogging even on the most humid days.

The Shoei RF-SR is made in Japan and has a dual-layer EPS construction. The enhanced EPS improves safety as well as comfort, allowing sweat to evaporate away from your face. There’s also enough breathing room around the ears for a Bluetooth earpiece.

3. AGV K3 SV Sakura Women’s Helmet

The AGV K3 SV is a unisex-adult full-face motorcycle helmet that is ideal for women who are searching for an inexpensive sport-touring helmet with all the essential features and standards. The AGV K3 SV Sakura helmet is a women’s helmet with elegant feminine graphics. It provides maximum comfort and protection during extended trips, and it comes in a variety of colors and graphic designs. Let’s take a closer look at the features of the AGV K3 SV Sakura helmet, which comes with gorgeous female patterns.

4. Bell Women’s Vortex Monarch Helmet

The Bell Women’s Vortex Monarch Helmet is a testament to the brand’s renowned quality and design. The safety features on the Vortex are nothing short of outstanding, beginning with the best. With DOT-approved technology, this attractive women’s helmet may go from being used on the road to attending a race without missing a beat.

The lightweight composite polycarbonate shell is strong yet light, making it ideal for ladies searching for comfort and safety. The specially designed, curved cheek pads improve comfort further and are particularly suited to smaller female features.

5. Shoei Neotec II Helmet

The Neotec II is Shoei’s top-of-the-line helmet. It’s elegant and highly durable. Although it weighs more than most helmets we tested, it isn’t heavy enough to be inconvenient. The weight you feel is a sturdy, well-padded helmet that was professionally made with care. You’ll also notice your wallet lighten; this is the most expensive helmet we evaluated.

The Neotec II is a modular helmet, which means it has both a face mask and some of the benefits of an open helmet. You may raise the entire chin and visor assembly by attaching the two complimentary locks on any side of the chin. The helmet isn’t meant to be worn in this manner when riding. Nonetheless, it’s a fantastic way to get some fresh air while waiting at a red light or between rides.

6. Scorpion EXO-T510 Azalea Women’s Helmet Review

The EXO-5000 Azalea Viper is a unisex motorcycle helmet that weighs about 3.5 pounds. It is mild and lightweight, so it may not grab your attention at first sight, but when you look past the surface, you will see that this DOT-approved full-face helmet is not simply for dual-sport and street-sport motorcycles; it is also for daily commutes who can wear it for extended or short journeys.

7. Scorpion Exo EXO-R2000 Women’s Dispatch Helmet

Women’s Dispatch Helmet – The Scorpion Exo EXO-R2000 is the helmet for you if you want a customized comfort fit and a high-class women’s motorcycle helmet. There are so many distinctions between the Exo-R20000 and the competition that it’d be hard to begin.

ScorpionExo products have been on the market for almost 10 years, and the firm takes great pride in having some of the world’s best brains working on its design team. As a result, ScorpionExo offers an inventive and technologically advanced collection of goods that appeal to today’s motorcycle enthusiasts’ discerning tastes.

8. Full Face Motorcycle Helmet – LS2 Helmets Citation Vantage

The Citation Vantage is a trendy full-faced motorcycle helmet with a sporty attitude. It’s reasonably priced and very light, weighing less than three pounds. It has a large aperture that goes on more smoothly than most full-face helmets.

There are two vents on the forehead and one on the chin, which is sufficient for most purposes. It will likely have a second chin vent for greater ventilation, but it’s enough for the job. The rear outflow vents are more than ample.

9. ILM Stealth Bluetooth Modular Helmet Review

The ILM Stealth Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is for females and males who commute frequently and ride in the heat. This helmet has a number of essential features and technology that you need on a daily basis while riding. The ILM Stealth is a modular helmet that may be used as a full-face mask in the winter and an open-face design in the summer. Plus, if you’re tired of taking calls while driving or don’t want to pay for a separate Bluetooth headset to put in your helmet, ILM Stealth’s integrated Bluetooth will make it really easy to take as many calls as you want without losing attention.

10. YEMA YM-926 Modular Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The YEMA YM-926 is a modular helmet. It’s light, low-cost, and has a sci-fi vibe to it as if it were ripped from the pages of a graphic novel. The YM-926 includes a quick-release chin strap to complement the modular chin saddle. If you’re searching for a full-face helmet that won’t damage your hair while being removed, this is the one. “

The YM-926 was clearly designed for traveling. There’s no need to try to fit sunglasses inside your regular helmet if you wear normal glasses. The integrated sun shield lowers down with a press of a button, providing ample space for your eyewear. There’s also more clearance around your ears, making it easy to attach Bluetooth speakers.

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