The Best Lightweight Motorcycle Helmets for Women

lightweight motorcycle helmets for women

Lightweight Motorcycle Helmets for Women: There is a growing demand for lightweight motorcycle helmets in today’s society.

This is especially true for women.

Lightweight helmets are comfier and provide more protection than the traditional Harley-Davidson or Triumph helmets.

This article will look at the best lightweight motorcycle helmets for women.

What Are the Benefits of Lightweight Motorcycle Helmets?

There are many benefits to using lightweight motorcycle helmets.

  • They are more comfortable and provide more protection than traditional motorcycle helmets. This is because the materials used to make them are lighter than those of a conventional motorcycle helmet.
  • Lightweight motorcycle helmets are made with carbon fiber, kevlar, and other lightweight materials. Traditional motorcycle helmets are made of plastic, fiberglass, and other heavy materials.
  • Lightweight motorcycle helmets are also better for your neck and spine. The weight of traditional motorcycle helmets causes tension on your neck and spine over time. This can lead to severe arthritis, back pain, and muscle damage.
  • Lightweight motorcycle helmets are also much safer than traditional ones.
  • They provide better protection in the case of an accident or head-on collision because they don’t weigh as much as a traditional helmet.
  • They also reduce the chance of being injured in a crash or accident because they absorb some of the impacts instead of just bouncing off your head like a traditional helmet would do.
  • Lightweight motorcycle helmets have many more benefits that make them worth considering for any woman rider out there looking for a new helmet.
  • Additionally, lightweight motorcycles are easier to ride and can be hung in various weather conditions.

How to Choose a Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

When you’re looking for a lightweight motorcycle helmet, you first want to make sure it meets the safety requirements set by the government.

If it doesn’t, you may be required to buy a more secure helmet. Additionally, make sure the helmet is comfortable and has a sound ventilation system.

Finally, make sure the bike you’re choosing can accommodate the helmet’s weight.

The Best Lightweight Motorcycle Helmets for Women

1) Bell Qualifier Helmet

Bell is one of the world’s most famous motorcycle helmet makers. They are best known for their urban and sports helmets, but they also offer a women’s model with the same protection that many other helmets provide.

The female version of the Bell Qualifier Helmet is made for more than drag racers and riding on the street.

This lightweight motorcycle helmet has all the bells and whistles you would expect from a high-quality helmet from one of today’s most trusted makers.

The helmet boasts many different features to make it safer and more comfortable to wear, including a face shield, chin guard, cheek pads, and other accessories.

The Bell Qualifier Helmet is extremely lightweight with an aerodynamic design and stylish enough to work in any environment or on any bike you choose to ride.

If you want protection, comfort, and style in your lighter-weight motorcycle helmet, this is one option you don’t want to pass up.

2) HJC IS-17 Voyager B Helmet, Matte Black

This is another inexpensive, lightweight motorcycle helmet for women. It’s designed for a sportier and lighter lifestyle.

This helmet offers top-notch performance at an affordable price and allows motorcycle riders to look fantastic riding down the road without breaking their bank accounts.

The Challenger provides superior performance in various conditions, from extremely hot to extremely cold, where it only weighs 3 pounds, making it one of the lightest helmets available today.

It uses mold technology which makes this one of the safest new helmets on the market, giving motorcyclists best-in-class protection in its price range, ensuring maximum comfort, durability, fitment, and affordability to consumers across the nation, which is why this will be at the top of our list for women looking for a new lightweight motorcycle helmet that won’t cost them an arm and a leg to buy.

3) Westt Rover for Women Motorcycle Helmets

The traditional motoring helmet is designed for drivers; this helmet is touring specific.

This is a fantastic option for motorcycle drivers that want comfort, protection, and style on their go-to route from point A to B.

This might be an excellent option for those that don’t need fantastic aerodynamics or speed but instead have a job that involves getting to and from places at reasonable rates without being in danger of significant head trauma should one encounter anything while en route.

Though they look similar, a touring helmet splits in half on the support flip-down feature, making them significantly more spacious.

They offer better ventilation and opt to include three layers of visors rather than the cheaper one layer or two options racing helmets provide.

In conjunction with that, this leaves the drivers looking far less restricted while wearing them with minimal compromise regarding its design.

In particular, this model differs from the Bell Qualifier above because it’s meant for touring rather than speeding around the slick tarmac.

It offers more protection as part of its design, making it ideal for those motorcycle mad women who demand nothing less than what would allow them safety and flexibility when it comes to patients on their journey from A to B.

4) Vega unisex Helmet

The Vega is one of the top-selling helmets for motorcycle commuters for quality and value.

It has excellent cooling, quality components, and a minimalist design, making it ideal for regular motorbike helmet wearers who might want to spend a little less but not compromise on safety or overall effect.

It features multiple tiers of flexibility, making its design considerate of side-to-side movement and up and down and back and forth while protecting the user’s head against impact during potential situations that arise while riding fast, slow, or on breaks.

Women will love it in particular because, across all its designs, this model displays a considerable amount of flare through its colors, which women prefer over more “macho” versions by many brands.

Women tend to lean more towards gold, pink and purple, so we suggest pointing out these colors before finalizing the purchase, especially considering some shades are more expensive than others and come in different fits; choose wisely!

5) 1 Storm Helmet

If you go on the internet, you’ll find people raving about this 1 Storm either in motorcycle forums or Amazon!

They use adjectives like light, durable, sturdy and sleek in conjunction with lining out reasons they believe many would love it.

The model is designed in favor of both men and women as can be seen by its carrying capacity of 54-62 centimeters or 21.25 inches to 24.75 inches, as well as its form-fitting structures that provide excellent stability and comfort to the heads of most individuals; ideal for those heading out for hours in the end with their helmet on due for instance to very long routes like trekking adventures and section rides among others.

This model offers higher stability from more contoured fitting and a sound reduction on wind noise, which can be annoying, especially if riding without a second helmet when fresh air covers your face from time to time!

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