The Best Leather Motorcycle Helmet: Top 7

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When you first start your journey to discover the finest motorbike helmet for yourself, you encounter a plethora of possibilities that you do not know what to choose. Beginners frequently find themselves in this scenario and struggle to decide which one to purchase.

The popularity of these leather motorcycle helmets has skyrocketed, resulting in a huge number of sellers. This has made it quite difficult to know who the major players in the market for motorcycle helmets are. There are several well-known brands competing for dominance in the market. Despite the many different brands out there, only a few provide high-quality goods that are worth purchasing.

In this post, we’ll show you the top seven leather motorcycle helmets you should know about.

Top 7 Best Leather Motorcycle Helmet

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1. K6 AGV

AGV’s carbon aramid shell makes the K6 one of our favorite helmets for its lightweight: 2.96 pounds in a medium. It comes in five EPS liners and 4 shell sizes, so you can choose between a “bobblehead” appearance or less of a bobblehead look. The ECE-certified shell is both aerodynamic and stylish, yet not so aggressive that it looks out of place on a standard bike. 

The ergonomic design and the Pinlock lens that comes as part of this helmet are both excellent. There’s a wide vision, and the center shield release button is simple to press with gloved hands. The only thing we don’t like about this helmet is that it doesn’t flow as much air as other helmets, such as the Shoei RF-1400. The AGV’s quiet interior and lightweight more than make up for it. In 2022, the K6 becomes our top all-around street helmet overall.

2. Sedici Strada II

The Sedici Strada II is the most feature-rich, protective, and comfortable helmet in its class. We chose it as our top-budget full-face helmet for 2018 because of this. The fiberglass and kevlar shell of the Strada II provides mild weight and outstanding strength. The Strada II features three different shell sizes and four EPS linings, making it a more comfortable and attractive helmet. We also appreciate that the Strada II has clean, adaptable styling with a variety of graphic choices. 

The Strada II has an internal sun visor and a pin lock-ready face shield with excellent optics, as well as ECE certification. Sedici also offers the Parlare version, which includes a fully integrated Bluetooth system. There were no issues with ventilation; it’s effective and simple to alter. Overall, the Strada II is our favorite budget selection for 2022. It has a well-rounded feature set at an accessible price. There aren’t many better entry-level lids available.

3. Fox Racing V1

For those on a budget, we like the Fox V1. These helmets start at $190 and have features and protection comparable to some mid-range helmets. The V1’s MIPS feature is fantastic for a price below 200 dollars. Fox employs a sleek polycarb/ABS shell in four sizes, so it doesn’t weigh much or take up much room. 

The V1 is licensed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the European Community (ECE). It’s legal to use on the street for you dual-sporters out there, and the vents are enough. Washability is one of the most essential details to consider when riding in the dirt. Fox anticipated that with an easy-to-remove and clean interior. The peak also has a subtle bit of tech with a magnetic release system, as it will just come out instead of destroying if you fall. For its price, the V1 is an excellent package, and our top pick for dirt novices.

4. Bell Moto 10 helmet

The Bell Moto 10 is this year’s top dirt helmet. This is Bell’s most prestigious dirt helmet, and it’s worn by racing riders at the top levels of the sport. The Moto 10 was worn by Cameron Macadoo during a particularly violent collision at Atlanta this year, and it withstood the assault like a champ. Macadoo was cleared to continue racing, finishing third in the race. We’re quite taken aback by what happened here.

To cope with rotational impacts, the Moto 10 sports state-of-the-art Spherical MIPS technology. It also features a segmented 3K carbon shell with incredible strength and is lightweight. The two components are connected via aerospace-style joins to form an enormous ventilation channel through the middle of the helmet. With a smooth, no-budge visor and an easily adjustable cheek pad, the Dirt Jumper is the most comfortable dirt lid one has ever tested. It’s DOT, ECE, and SNELL certified and fits most goggles. 

5. Shoei Neotec 2

We recommend the Shoei Neotec 2 as our top modular helmet. The Neotec is still one of the most popular modular helmets available, despite the fact that others have come and gone. Our testers reach for the Shoei Neotec 2 when comfort and convenience are top priorities, despite its heavier weight than some of the other choices in the group. Of course, with its twin-layer EPS liner and stainless steel chin bar lock components, the Neotec 2 offers a lot of protection as well.

6. HJC i90

A decent modular helmet is well within most budgets. However, there are a plethora of terrible modular helmets on the low end of the price range due to the complexity of adjustable chin bars. The HJC i90, on the other hand, is our top pick in its class. The Corsair C90S is a stylish polycarbonate helmet with a huge eyeport and internal sun visor. HJC’s One-Touch shield mechanism that raises and lowers the shield was particularly appreciated by us. 

HJC designed the i90 with a wide range of features to set it apart from the competition. Despite its basic appearance, the i90 offers a high level of comfort and protection. The HJC’s attention to detail makes it our selection for the complete modular helmet experience. 

7. Arai XD-4

Do you ride on both pavement and dirt often? To tackle any terrain, all you need is an ADV helmet. Based on our extensive testing and customer comments, the Arai XD-4 is the king of ADV helmets for 2022.

The XD series from Arai is one of the most renowned in the industry, and with the XD-4, it continues to break new barriers in terms of protection and performance. The helmet has a SNELL M2020 seal of approval, excellent airflow, and customizable interior cushions that may be removed. The Arai XD-4 is handcrafted, and the paintwork is detailed and robust. When taking a technical section or fighting traffic, large air scoops on the sides of the helmet allow for efficient ventilation. 

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