The Best Dual Sport Helmet: Top 7

A best dual sport helmet combines all of the features you want from a dirt bike helmet with those you require for street riding into one helmet. You get a great performing helmet that works well both on the street and in the dirt. A dual-sip lid, on the other hand, won’t be as comfortable or effective on the road as a street lid is. It will also not be as safe offroad as a regular dirtbike helmet is.

A dual sport helmet is an intermediate option, and you must be OK with that if you want to wear it. With that said, the best helmets minimize the compromise as much as possible. The best dual sport lids are excellent in both settings. To make your life a little easier, I’ve compiled a list of the top five dual sport helmets available.

Top 7 Best Dual Sport Helmet

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best dual sport helmet

1. Pro Adventure Motorcycle Helmet Of Klim Krios

The Krios Pro is the most recent model from Klim. And it comes with some significant improvements on previous versions. It’s got some incredible technology hidden inside that carbon fiber shell! It’s not only made of lightweight carbon fiber, but it’s also the first street-legal helmet to feature Koroyd material.

That is another significant benefit. Because Koroyd is a lightweight substance that can absorb up to 48 percent more energy during a collision. It also effectively vents, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable ride. You’ll find this moisture-wicking liner on the inside, which is antibacterial and detachable as well.

The Krios Adventure has fully adjustable forehead and chin vents, ensuring maximum ventilation. At high speeds, refined aerodynamics increase stability while lowering noise levels.

2. AGV AX9 Helmet

The AX9 helmet is an updated version of the AGV AX-8 DS EVO, which was already one of our favorite mountain biking helmets. The company also modernized and improved the lid and slapped the AX9 name on it in order to capitalize on its long experience with helmet manufacturing.

What you’ll get is a lightweight carbon-fiber, aramid, and fiberglass shell that comes in three sizes to minimize the bobblehead effect. The helmet also has a toolless detachable chin guard, five vents for airflow, an adjustable peak, speaker pockets, and a double D-ring chin strap.

Overall, the AX9 is an excellent dual-sport lid. It’s a little pricey at around $500, but you get what you pay for when it comes to one of the top lids in the market.

3. Adventure Motorcycle Helmet – Arai XD4

We have been a fan of the original Arai X4 – often regarded as the grandfather of the adventure helmet industry – for quite some time. However, lately, we’ve been drawn to the newer XD4. And with a long history of track-based racing helmets behind it, you know what you’re getting when you choose an Arai.

The 5mm peel-away liner pads are another highlight, allowing you to customize the helmet’s fit precisely to your needs. It is also vented well. This particular helmet is designed aerodynamically to allow air to flow over it and by the vents, keeping one cool while preventing buffeting of the wind.

The Arai helmet’s design allows it to accommodate a range of head shapes. However, since it is oval-shaped, it will be suitable for the majority of people. You’ve now got a helmet that’s among the most comfortable available on the market thanks to its facial contouring technology.

4. Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet

This dual sport helmet is one of the most adaptable on the market. It’s also the first modular lido on our list. It’s got a unique design and is available in three sizes. It includes a sophisticated polycarbonate shell of three different sizes, a dual-density EPS inner liner that’s a multi-layer construction, numerous vents throughout the helmet for ventilation, a drop-down sun visor, washable and removable interior, and speaker pockets.

Overall, the EXO-AT950 Scorpion has a fantastic lid. It is DOT certified and comes with a five-year warranty. The fact that it has an affordable price tag of around $270 is the cherry on top.

5. Schuberth E1

The Schuberth E1, which is a helmet inspired by the street-inspired C3 Pro, offers a lot of things to consider. The E1 is an aerodynamically and acoustically efficient modular helmet designed by Schuberth.

The helmet is made of fiber and has a STRONG fiber construction. It has also been subjected to Schuberth’s high compression molding process, which was wind-tunnel tested. The E1’s design withstands buffeting and noise at high speeds, thanks to a wind testing tunnel.

The spoiler is built into the shell to minimize vibration and movement, as well as provide stability. The E1 features a thoughtfully designed interior that makes for a pleasant ride. The liner is made of Coolmax and Thermocool fabrics that are allergy-free, antibacterial, washable, and removable.

The micro lock chin strap makes it simple to put on. Variable venting allows for better, more flexible ventilation. Schuberth claims that airflow in this adventure bike helmet has increased by up to 60%.

The Schuberth E1 helmet comes with a built-in radio transmitter to supplement the SRC-System Pro. It also has large reflective panels on the neck roll, as well as an integrated sun visor. Which is good to have!

6. Adventure MIPS Helmet – Bell MX-9 

Another great alternative for motorcyclists looking for a dual-sport or adventure-style helmet is the Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet. The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) found in this helmet is designed to reduce the negative effects of rotational impact energy.

The system has LED lights, which give the Bobblehead Golf more realistic features. A polycarbonate shell with lightweight properties that comes in three sizes to minimize the bobblehead effect, a face shield that is integrated, several vents for airflow, speaker pockets, a chin bar with EPS-lining, an adjustable mouth vent, and a chin strap with a D-ring closure system.

The helmet is certified to meet ECE and DOT standards, like most Bell helmets. It gets a five-year warranty, as do other Bell helmets. It’s less expensive than the Scorpion cap (below) at around $220.

7. Shoei Hornet Motorcycle Helmet For ADV Adventure

The Shoei Hornet is the newest in a long line of adventure motorbike helmets, following in the footsteps of the AGV and CVX. And it comes with some significant improvements, to boot! In the case of an accident, the latest version comes standard with EQRS technology, which allows for quick and safe removal.

Replacement without the use of tools is now possible thanks to a revised visor and visor mechanism. However, we found it to be a little time-consuming since you must first remove the screen. AIM+ shell construction makes for a lightweight helmet. The cheek pads are pre-channeled, making them comfortable for wearing with glasses. An integrated CNS-2 pin-lock is also included as a standard.

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