The Best Clown Motorcycle Helmet: Top 7

Oh, the clown motorcycle helmet. You might view them as comical, sad, or frightening, and that is precisely their goal. Clowns are designed to elicit a response from you; they can make you feel anything from sadness to joy to pure terror. That is why clown motorcycle helmets are so popular these days. The clown is an excellent way for any motorcyclist to cause attention to turn in their direction and attract notice.

Clowns have gone through many changes throughout history, from funny clowns to nightmarish, homicidal killers. Clown fears are even real now! Whether you enjoy clowns or not, it’s clear that they’re becoming more popular as a result of Stephen King’s IT book and DC Comics’ legendary Joker.

Customizing helmets and other riding gear have been around since the birth of motorcycling. Custom-painted helmets are important now more than ever, whether you wish to stand out or resurrect a familiar design. 

There are hundreds of one-of-a-kind handcrafted motorbike helmets on the market. It is difficult to choose the greatest custom-painted helmets from that group. We have gathered some of the most beautiful custom-painted motorcycle helmets for various types in this article.

Top 7 Best Clown Motorcycle Helmet

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clown motorcycle helmet

1. IT Clown Motorcycle Helmet

Most likely you are aware of Stephen King, who is a well-known horror novelist. The Shining, the Dark Tower series and Misery are just a few of his timeless classics. We would want to discuss IT, another one of his classic novels, now.

IT is the tale of two childhood pals who are able to confront an ancient demon, who takes the form of Pennywise, a clown that popularized the frightening clown motif. This scary clown dominates the design of many different sellers, and you can get a bespoke airbrushed helmet with this frightening clown in mind. You may be certain that you will deter a few people with this clown motorcycle helmet, whether you want to use it for Halloween or to get people’s heads turning!

2. Joker Motorcycle Helmets

The Joker, a notorious supervillain from DC Universe, is widely recognized as one of the most famous clown characters of all time. His tale begins on April 25th, 1940, the day that the first Batman comic volume hit shelves. In another form of media, Joker went through several variations in subsequent decades on the design front.

The cartoonish comic book Joker’s appearance perfectly captures the anti-social and psychopathic nature of the movie’s main antagonist. And, of course, we can not forget about that enormous grin!

The Joker’s design has evolved in a few different ways, both in and out of comics. Heath Ledger’s Joker is a more realistic version of the original design, with a darker, mystifying tone taken from The Dark Knight from 2008. 

3. Killer Clown Motorcycle Helmet

The archetypal clown of yesteryear has been repurposed and reinvented, becoming a sinister killer that induces bone-chilling terror in modern times. As a result, it is no surprise that many novelists, filmmakers, and artists have followed Stephen King’s lead and wrote about Pennywise.

Some truly frightening evil clown motorcycle helmet designs are floating around. Of course, these are created using customized airbrushing on a full-face or another type of helmet with one of the provided patterns. 

It is as easy as picking your favorite superhero and a style you like. When it comes to the evil, murderous clown motorcycle helmet design, there is no such thing as too much choice. Clowns have a variety of makeup patterns that may be effectively utilized in the creation of an intimidating bespoke helmet design.

4. Clown Face Mask For Motorcycle Helmet

Aside from purchasing a motorcycle helmet that is themed, a clown face mask worn as a cover is an equally frightening option. Of course, the clown face mask will not provide quite as much protection as the helmet would; but the sheer beauty of it may be more effective.

When it comes to clown face mask design, there are hundreds of options. You can go whether you are in the mood for a joke or something more serious, such as pure, spine-chilling terror.

5. Custom Painted Smiley Face Helmets

A smile is a curve that straightens everything out. In fact, the grin is thought of as a kind of international language. So, what is the greatest method to convey your upbeat attitude than with one of our personalized painted Smiley Face motorbike helmets? After all, a happy biker will surely draw an enthusiastic group!

There are several hundred different Smiley Face designs to select from when it comes to your first bespoke painted motorcycle helmet. In the end, your selection will be significantly influenced by your design and color preferences. You may make a design with a confident smirk, a cigar, or even gold teeth… The options are endless!

6. Custom Painted Skull Helmets

The skull tribe in the motorbike world is without doubt the most famous. It is an iconic sign of a bike rider and the activity itself. Even better, as the skull design is linked to motorcycle riders and gear for ages, there are some amazing personalized skull helmet ideas available! 

The plethora of skull designs available to you, whether cheerful or somber, will satisfy any mood. The chance to design your own personalized painted skull motorcycle helmet adds a personal touch to your bike outfit and image. We must also point out that a painted jet helmet with a skull design is an excellent addition to the collection!

7. Spider-Man Helmet – Custom Painted 

The web-spinning Spider-Man is undoubtedly one of the most well-known superheroes in history. Beginning with the early 1960s, he has enthralled comic book readers. The teenage persona of Peter Parker has been captured, and his superhero alters ego’s attire has taken on a more fun appearance.

After all, as the Spider-Man costume is so popular among trick-or-treaters each Halloween season, a custom-painted Spider-Man helmet design may not be such a bad idea. There are many different variations on the Spider-Man helmet pattern; it’s always fascinating to see them all.

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