The Best Cat Ear Helmet: Top 5

cat ear helmet

Cat Ear Helmet: If you’re searching for a cool cat ear motorbike helmet, look at the options below. Your welfare is your top priority. Motorbike accidents can be dangerous to your skull. That’s why motorbikes are such a fun way to get around.

There are numerous sorts of pussycat ear motorbike headgears available. A pussycat ear motorcycle headgear is one that you’ll come across frequently, and this headgear has an ‘ear’ on top, just like a pussycat.

When riding a motorbike, you should put money in headgear to keep insects out of your eyes. You will love your trip while wearing this headgear, as it will protect you from strong currents and offer a clear vision on the road. This pussycat motorcycle headgear is designed beautifully to make you seem unique and fashionable.


Overall, this is a good choice for keeping your headgear and adding an extremely visible and cute feature.

With a starting price of $49.95 US Dollars, there’s no way you can go wrong compared to the competition, Neko Headgears, with a starting price of USD 395.00.

After testing the pussycat Ear Headgear advancements a couple of weeks ago, I’m pleased to report that I’m impressed with the device.


  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible parts
  • Head-revolving ears have a reflective slot that increases welfare (which can be used by all of us).


  • There are a few rough edges where you can see that they originated from a mold.
  • The decals appear to fall off easily.

Colour Badges for Ears

The interior of the ears is lit up in five distinct hues: red, white, blue, yellow, and pink (with additional options to come soon). The decals are simple to apply and replace if necessary.

This upgrade is a fantastic safety feature, and anything that increases your visibility as a motorcyclist is welcome. These items are adorable, and everyone stares when they see one riding by on the road.

White or black, and they have to fit on many of the headgears available. This item is fantastic because I’ve been a Shoei R.F. fanboy since the early millennia’s release of the RF-1000s.

I’d considered a headgear as an alternative. Since I haven’t evaluated or am certain if the quality/finish/fit is any nice, leave alone passes the D.O.T. requirements of the North American, I had no idea what to expect.

I got a lot more stares while riding around when I put them on – and grins. If you are tired of one hue, remove the sticker and reutilize the old hue — or else purchase new ones from the store.

Expect the badge to come off after a few uses, and more about that later.

Design: Get ready For a Crowd.

The material is durable and flexible, but it isn’t particularly streamlined or aerodynamic. I noticed a difference in weight, albeit I was utilizing a light headgear.

They are attached to a lightweight and flexible silicone rubber framework. A few small residual borders seem to have been truncated somewhat carelessly, but they’re simple enough to connect if you’re a precision and if not, it is hard to notice.

I figured I’d put them to the test when they’re placed in my Shoei headgear pouch and carried over to my motorbike school. Upon reaching, one badge had fallen off and reconnected to the headgear’s crown itself, but both ears were in position on the headgear. They will fall off if you bend your ears, it seems.

I spoke with Karl (Pussycat Ear Headgear advancements contact) about substitution badges and how to reattach them. He advised me that I would either need to claim another glue or buy a new set, which you may purchase separately from the cat ears. Because they’re presently in the process of adding extra color choices, pricing has yet to be determined.

The curve beneath allowed it to fit my headgear well. Ensure you can raise your visor before fixing the ears where you want on the headgear.

It appears that they are created to fit many headgear curves.

Where to Buy & More

You may buy them right away from Headgear Advancements. They sell them also on Amazon and eBay.

  • Amazon
  • eBay

If you and some friends want to join in the cat ear fad, you can save money on multiple purchases (except if you’re the same as me, who has a collection of headgears).

The only major drawback I discovered is that they cause drag at highway speeds, which any modification to the helmet’s aerodynamics will. It’s somewhat of a given, except if they develop a more modernized model.

There’s talk of a racing model, but I haven’t heard much besides a suggested price of USD 29.95.

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Best Pussycat Ear Motorbike Headgear

1. Adult Personalized Pussycat Ear Motorbike Helmet

The ultra-cool pussycat ear motorcycle headgear gives you a unique profile in the multitude. The headgear is constructed of a composite A.B.S. shell and a buffer EPS inner carapace, shielding you from accidents.

The safety score of this helmet is high, and it effectively protects the head. Its adjustable chin belts and soft cushions provide the necessary shield. For many seasons, you can utilize a pussycat ear headgear. The headgear comes with detachable earplugs that are not as comfy as standard ones. The headgear is D.O.T. approved.

2. Women Total Face Pussycat Ear Motorbike Helmets

This woman’s pussycat ear headgear is attractively proportioned in terms of design. The shock devour is constructed of EPS multi-layer, which is quite pleasant. You may switch out the helmet pussycat ear for a new one.

Something appears to be out of the ordinary in this group. When riding a motorbike, wearing headgear protects you and offers you a good appearance. This helmet’s light, fast lens support, durability, and dependability make it easier.

The helmet’s top, front mouth, tail, and rear face are all designed in a European design.

3. DCLINA Glossy Black – Pussycat Ear Motorcycle Headgear

If you’re searching for a competent and stylish helmet, this one is perfect. The nice part is that the headgear is made of technical fabric, providing excellent ventilation. The rapid light buckle structure gives full protection while remaining comfortable to wear.

The energy dissipating capability of the EPS multi-density safety buffer sheet is impressive. This headgear would make a wonderful choice for bicyclists who participate in races. With this headgear, you’ll get total protection.

4. Motorcycle Headgear Women & Men Cat Ear Headgear

The Pussycat ear motorcycle headgear is both comfortable and durable. This helmet shields you from damage and pressure in an accident. You may travel without anxiety while wearing this headgear.

You may wear this Pussycat Air Helmet throughout all seasons. If the pussycat ear headgear isn’t your liking, you may take off the ears. The headgear is quite comfortable to put on and looks fantastic when worn.

5. Motorcycle Headgear Full Face Motorbike Helmets

The headgear is approved by ECE/EN, D.O.T. safety standards. So be sure that when you ride with 2Cfan, you’ll be riding in a full-face-shielded headgear. The A.B.S. carapace and coverings keep most of your head protected; the headgear is lightweight and very cozy to wear.


You’ve made up your mind concerning which pussycat ear headgear is suitable for you. Women’s total-face pussycat ear motorbike helmets are available for motorcyclists in various hues.

I have been riding on two wheels on and off the road for +20 years. Having access to 100's of brands of helmets, gear, and bikes - you could say that I have the dream job of a motorcycle junkie.