Best Quiet Motorcycle Helmet For A Comfortable Ride

Nothing is more annoying than riding at highway speeds with so much noise. Do you know that the noise isn’t coming from the road but the wind? Provided that hearing loss can happen beginning at 85 decibels, noise is a major concern for a lot of bikers.

This is where motorcycle helmets come into play.

Motorcycle helmets won’t only make your ride safer but they also can minimize the wind noise around you. With the proper fit of motorcycle helmet design, you can significantly minimize the wind noise to 86 decibels or even less. Here are our complete reviews and guide for the best quiet motorcycle helmet.

Comparison Table For The Quietest Motorcycle Helmets



Shell Construction

Shield System

Advanced Polycarbonate Composite

One-touch Smoke-tinted Sunshield with locking mechanism

Lightweight Fiberglass

Dual visor system: Drop-down Iridium Red Visor and Inner Sun Shield

Lightweight polycarbonate/ABS

Transitions Adaptive Clickrelease

Advanced LG Polycarbonate

Dual visor system: Drop-down Dark Smoke Sunshield and clear visor

High Resistance ABS

Dual visor system: Drop-down Black visor and clear visor

Lightweight Kinetic Polymer Alloy(KPA)

Twin Shield System Drop Down Sun Shield

Thermoplastic Alloy

Dual visor system: Drop-down Shield and additional clear visor

Top 7 Quietest Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Get the HJC IS-MAX II if you want a quieter ride at highway speeds. Its aerodynamic shape makes your ride quiet even at highway speeds. This DOT certified helmet is comfortable as it keeps you well ventilated and it gives room for your favorite earbuds.

Highlighted Features :

  • We love HJC IS-MAX II because of its built-in flip-down internal visor which eliminates the need to stop your ride and take off the sunglasses. If you’re riding under the blinding sun, you can just simply flip the Sunshield down to shield your eyes. When your surroundings get dark, simply press a button to retract the shield.
  • An amazing breath guard prevents this helmet to fog up. You can install or remove this guard at your convenience but we suggest that you put in place always.
  • The shell is made from advanced polycarbonate composite, which is a very strong material. It comes with an adjustable polycarbonate chin bar to give a superior fit.
  • ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System allows the heat and humidity to be flushed out from the helmet, keeping you cool while riding the busy highway.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Built-in sun shield for eye protection
  • Sturdy material and construction
  • Offers adequate amount of airflow
  • Relatively quiet


  • The size may run small so get a larger size

The Quietest Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

​The NK-856 is a motorcycle helmet that boasts a striking design with bold graphics and colors. As a full-face helmet, it brings extra security to the head and helps keep lower the road noise while riding. This DOT certified helmet is a good choice if you’re a fair-weather rider.

Highlighted Features :

  • The fiberglass injected shell is lightweight and durable.
  • We love NK-856’s dual visor for maximum eye protection. The inner sun visor protects your eyes from the sun with great visibility on the road. The outer smoke iridium visor has a gold shade to highlight the matte black and colorful graphics of this helmet.
  • Multiple ventilation ports help promote better airflow inside the helmet for maximum comfort.
  • Neoprene-like material is installed inside the helmet and covered in the chinstrap to resist heat and weathering.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Great built-in shades
  • Attractive design and colors
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Vents offer good airflow


  • Size may run large so try a size down

The Quietest Motorcycle Helmet With Bluetooth

​If you want a Bluetooth-ready motorcycle helmet, then the Qualifier might be what you’ll need. This sleek motorcycle helmet is built with a communications port that works with popular stereo communication brands, like Sena and Cardo. It’s also safe to use because it has been certified by DOT and ECE to absorb heavy impacts.

Highlighted Features :

  • The Qualifier Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIP) offers amazing performance at a great value. It reduces any rotational forces to impact the helmet during a collision.
  • We’re glad that the Qualifier is built with a photochromatic reactive visor because you don’t have to fiddle around with sun visors. With this technology, the visor darkens when the sun is up and goes clear when it’s dark.
  • The lightweight polycarbonate shell is very strong to endure any impact. Inside, removable liner and cheek pads are contoured for maximum fit.
  • Multiple vents are designed around the chin, brow, crown, and rear. Together, they flush out the hot air and keep you cool while riding. If you want a more quiet ride, close some vents.
  • Bell offers a 5-year warranty for its parts and labor.


  • Cool transition shield technology
  • 5-year warranty
  • Very safe to use
  • Accommodates Bluetooth communications
  • Sleek design and color


  • It scratches easily

​The Best Quiet Motorcycle For A Bad Ass Look

​If you want a tough-looking motorcycle helmet for your highway rides, then the Scorpion Covert Helmet might delight your taste. This DOT-approved helmet is a half helmet that comes with a removable mask to cover the chin area. Seemingly, this covert helmet suits best for people with oval-shaped heads.

Highlighted Features :

  • The removable front mask is equivalent to the chin bar that you see on a full-face helmet. It’s flexible and it looks to be made from a durable polymer that could help protect you against any road debris. When installed, you can feel the comfort of a noiseless ride anytime.
  • The comfort sleeve, the part where you attach the mask, is a combination of a plastic exterior shell and a soft padded liner inside.
  • The removable comfort liner is washable and developed from antibacterial material. We’re amazed that this liner keeps you cool by directing the heat up to the ventilation holes.
  • The thermoplastic polycarbonate shell absorbs great impact for your safety.
  • The retractable internal polycarbonate visor relieves eye strain instantly in different light conditions. A smoke tinted visor and a clear visor are also included for great visibility.


  • Many configuration options
  • Great ventilation especially on hotter days
  • The design looks cool
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Lightweight despite its size


  • It looks goofy without the front mask

​​The Best Quiet Motorcycle Helmet For The Budget

​​If money is an issue, then you can try the ILM 920 Modular Helmet which only costs around $59.49. This DOT approved modular helmet is aerodynamic and boldly shaped to complement the cool styles of motorbikes and reduce wind noise. It’s available in 10 colors, including matte black, white, and yellow.

Highlighted Features :

  • The chin guard comes with a curtain to block the cold air and wind noise.
  • Inner pads are installed with less glue and less odor for your comfort. They’re removable for easy cleaning.
  • Dual visors can be flipped up with ease. The outer clear visor protects your eyes from road debris with great visibility. The black visor protects your eyes from the bright sun.
  • Multiple vents offer better airflow inside the helmet. The front and top vents can be closed.
  • High resistance ABS shell withstands heavy use and negative environmental conditions.


  • Affordable price tag
  • Wide vision range
  • Comfortably placed inner pads
  • Good construction quality
  • The sizes are pretty spot on


  • A bit heavy

​The Quietest Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

​The LS2 Track 569 is a great option for those who feel too constricted with a full-face helmet. This particular helmet has an open face design to provide better peripheral vision and ventilation. It makes a good helmet for touring, commute, scooter, and any type of motorcycle.

Highlighted Features :

  • The LS2 Track569 is designed with a built-in sunscreen, which is a big improvement from its previous models. Twin Shield System Drop Down Sun Shield drops draws back smoothly with the enhanced slider mechanism.
  • Open face 3/4 design provides a wide range of visibility. It makes it suitable for people who suffer from claustrophobia.
  • The quick-release chin strap is DOT compliant for safety and convenience.
  • Multiple vents are fully adjustable to provide great control over outside elements. If it’s too noisy outside, close some of the vents for your comfort.
  • Lightweight Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) shell complies and even surpass the standards of DOT and ECE for safety and quality.
  • The removable liner is created from a breathable fabric and fully washable for easy maintenance.
  • It offers a 5-year limited warranty to cover any defects.


  • DOT and ECE certified
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Good visibility and ventilation
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Has a good finish


  • Size chart isn’t accurate and may run small

​​The Quietest Motorcycle Helmet With Noise Canceling Feature

The T27 is a great mid-range helmet with Bluetooth connectivity and a noise-canceling feature for seamless communication. From styling to a comfortable fit, the T27 has all you need from a modular helmet. It may look smaller than other helmets in this list but it provides the same protection from impact and wind noise.

Highlighted Features :

  • Unique thermoplastic alloy shell minimizes the weight and makes this helmet look sturdy. The dual-density EPS liner improve the build quality and impact absorption. It has met the standards of EPE and DOT for safety.
  • The T27 offers an intermediate oval fit to remain stable while riding the busy street. The removable liner can be washed for complete cleaning.
  • It comes with a drop-down visor and a clear visor for better viewing. The spring- loaded control switch keeps the shield down or up.
  • Blinc Bluetooth technology allows you to connect with other Blinc helmets.
  • The noise-canceling microphone allows you to talk with other people even at 60mph.
  • Top and chin vents allow better airflow inside the helmet keeping you cool throughout the ride.


  • Allows seamless communication
  • DOT and ECE approved for safety
  • Sleek shell design
  • Smooth drop-down visor mechanism
  • Surprisingly lightweight


  • The matte finish may get sticky over time

Buying Guide For The Best Quiet Motorcycle Helmet

Now, that you have read our reviews above, let’s get to know about motorcycle helmets better. What determines a quiet helmet and what to look for when buying your quiet motorcycle helmet? Here ‘s our guide below.

It’s All About Aerodynamics!

Aerodynamics determines the quietness of a helmet. The wind slides over the surface easier when the helmet has less resistance. Motorcycle helmet manufacturers invest a lot of time and effort in creating the perfect design to make a helmet quiet.

The research on aerodynamics is mainly performed to identify the causes of turbulence on the helmet’s surface. Anything that distorts the airflow over the helmet can result to turbulence. Any gaps in the helmet where air can enter all cause different levels of turbulence. More turbulence can generate more noise.

2 Common Types Of Motorcycle Helmets

1. Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

As its name implies, the full-face helmet has your entire head completely covered. The eye area is covered with a visor to protect your eyes from sunlight and other debris on the road. Consider choosing a helmet with an anti-fogging visor to have no distortions on your vision.

A unique feature of this helmet is a chin guard or bar that provides extra protection. This type of helmet tends to be quieter than modular because it shuts off all unnecessary wind noise from outside. Among the quietest full-face motorcycle helmets are NENKI Helmets NK-856 and TORC T27.

2. Modular Motorcycle Helmet

A modular motorcycle helmet, on the other hand, is designed with removable chin guards. With the chin guard gone, the helmet turns into an open face helmet. Quite a delight for claustrophobic and adventure-seeking riders.

Of course, you need to install the chin guard when riding because you need to shut off the wind noise outside. Among the quietest modular motorcycle helmets are HJC 980-614 IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet and ILM 902 Modular Helmet.

What To Look For

1. Size

The right fit is crucial in the selection of a quiet motorcycle helmet. You’ll want the interior liners to sit comfortably on your cheeks and ears. Having a gap around the neck and the ear areas will let the wind noise get in and create a bothersome noise.

To get the right size, measure the circumference of your cranium and refer it to the sizing chart. If you have the privilege to visit a physical store, try the helmet yourself.

2. Ventilation

Nothing is more cumbersome than to feel suffocated while riding. While you want the helmet to be as quiet as possible, you need to be comfortable too . Look for multiple vents to flush out the hot air inside the helmet. Make sure that some vents can be closed so you can shut off some wind noise when riding at highway speeds.

3. Safety Rating

Above everything else, your motorcycle helmet should be DOT-approved to be safe for road use. Helmets that are approved of this standard have high impact attenuation and a peripheral vision of at least 105 degrees. ECE is another safety standard that you should look for as it ensures high abrasion resistance and shell rigidity.

4. Shell Material

Motorcycle helmets are usually made of thermoplastic or fiberglass. Thermoplastic is a type of polycarbonate that needs more foam padding to comply with safety standards. These helmets tend to be heavier and bigger but they’re more affordable than more advanced lids.

Fiberglass shells are expensive because they’re very complex to make. They tend to be more lightweight and harder than thermoplastic but they’re prone to cracking. Between fiberglass and thermoplastic, the latter seems to be quieter because of the additional padding that can seal all the gaps inside the helmet.

Tips For Making A Helmet Quieter

  • Seal any gap - If your helmet has a gap around the neck or eyes, add a visor seal or a chin curtain. A neoprene sleeve works well in sealing any gap.
  • Maintain the right posture - Your posture might affect the sound-proof effect of the helmet. For example, a track helmet that’s designed to be worn leaning forward is effective in reducing noise when you’re in a tucked position than in upright position.
  • Plug your ears - If there’s still noise hounding on your helmet, you can stuff your ears with memory foam or wear earmuffs during the cold days.


Based on the reviews above, the best quiet motorcycle helmet is the HJC IS-MAX II because it’s comfortable and well-made. Its best feature is its built-in SunShield which you can retract in a simple press of a button. Unlike other helmets in this list, the IS-MAX II doesn’t fog up.

The aerodynamic design of HJC IS-MAX II makes this motorcycle helmet quiet. Even if you’re riding at superspeed, the wind won’t bother your ears. The liners also do a good job of absorbing the noise from your surroundings giving you a quiet ride that you’ll always wanted.