Freedom Scorpion Modular-Dual Visor Helmet Review

It is really tough these days to do biking without wearing a helmet over your head as the traffic rules are much strict now a days. From the other angle of view, it is not good at all to ride and drive bikes without wearing helmet. From that point, this article will show you how important it is to get a helmet like Freedom-Scorpion Modular-Dual Visor-Motorcycle Helmet and how you can make the purchase effective.

Freedom-Scorpion Modular-Dual Visor-Motorcycle Helmet

Key features of Freedom-Scorpion Modular-Dual Visor-Motorcycle Helmet!

Mentioning all the features of Bleeding Freedom-Scorpion Modular-Dual Visor-Motorcycle Helmet will take time. This is why some important features are pointed sentences for your help out in short. Let’s make a look.

  • It is an adult helmet that has advanced modular system.
  • You can use it as full face and open face both by pressing a button. After the press being made the face of the helmet will be flipped and you can do it in single hand.
  • This helmet is anti-scratch featured.
  • You can use it as snowmobile helmet too.
  • The ventilation system is superb that allows adequate air flow
  • You can get at least ten venting ports in it.
  • It is approved by DOT.

How about pros & Cons!

Knowing the positives and negatives can effectively put you in a safer place while making any purchasing decision. In that way this section will help you a lot as it includes the pros and cons of Bleeding Freedom-Scorpion Modular Motorcycle Helmet.


  • You can use it for a long period of time.
  • You can clear it easily as its check pads are easily removable
  • You don’t need to worry about its quality as it is approved from the appropriate place.
  • You can put it off whenever you want within no time.
  • It has a customer score of around 4.6 which signifies a lot of positive things.


  • Shipping of this product is not easy outside of US
  • Some people consider it a bit more costly than retail shops
  • You can get anti fog visor with it, but need to be purchased separately.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy it as it can you it while snowing too. Besides, this helmet can be switched to alternative face using single hand that can make your driving easier while in road. As it is anti-scratch featured, you can use this helmet for long period without getting any scar in it.

Freedom-Scorpion Modular-Dual Visor-Motorcycle Helmet

How to choose between other alternatives!

While choosing among alternatives it is good to know what others are providing. Obviously Bleeding Freedom-Scorpion Modular-Dual Visor-Motorcycle Helmet is a good product, but while comparing do some ground work too. Get a company that can offer you faster delivery, free shipping and low asking price. IV2 is a good option undoubtedly, but still continue comparing and evaluating. Never get connected with a manufacture that wouldn’t offer you some sort of warranty scheme. Taking care of the helmet is always good, but remembers good helmet doesn’t require too much maintenance. So keep that in your mind too.

You can see now that Freedom-Scorpion Modular-Dual Visor-Motorcycle Helmet of IV2 is really a good product, considering it user manual and maintenance issue and also taking consideration the offer its producer is making. So don’t waste time in dangling and get your helmet today in efficient buying manner.

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