Top 5 Custom Dirt Bike Helmets

A decent helmet is essential when riding a motorbike, and you should not skimp on quality because of the price. Custom Dirt bike helmets are not the exception to this! Because, if you are off-road riding, the most important thing to think about first is protecting yourself from serious injuries.

Nothing gives you more protection while motocross than dirt bike helmets, which are the most protective of all motorbike helmets. These off-road headgears are specifically built to protect you from a serious collision. You have probably noticed that dirt bike helmets have a distinct appearance from street helmets owing to their longer chin, increased ventilation, and shell construction.

These helmets are so distinctive because they were designed with specific features in mind. They provide remarkable protection to the rider or motorcyclist by being extremely unique. That’s why, in order to assist you to choose which helmet is ideal for you, we’ve compiled our Top 5 Custom Dirt Bike Helmets

Top 5 Best Dirt Bike Helmet

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Top 5 Custom Dirt Bike Helmets

1. Shoei VFX-EVO

Shoei’s newest motocross helmet, the VFX-EVO, aims to raise the bar even higher.

It is got an EQRS, which is a type of rating scale that assesses equality. It’s more ventilated than previous versions due to the presence of 16 intake and exhaust vents. Shoei wanted to create a more modern, complicated form for the outside shell in order to improve aerodynamic performance, so it underwent wind tunnel testing.

This is also the first time a Shoei has incorporated a technology to combat torque produced as a result of an impact. Shoei’s system, which they refer to as the motion energy distribution mechanism, may be used to describe this. In any case, it is supposed to allow the helmet to move independently from the rider and reduce rotation by 15%, according to Shoei.


The Shoei VFX-EVO helmet has Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM+) shell construction. The RF-1200 sport bike helmet and the Shoei X-Fourteen track helmet both feature a multi-layered composite construction. It is composed of glass fibers with organic fibers added that are designed to be lighter and more flexible to absorb energy.

The goggle port is covered by a brow vent. There are two crown vents above it, which draw air from the peak into the helmet. Of course, there’s also a chin bar vent. This delivers air to the mouth and face in this case. It is detachable, with an aluminum screen, and comes with a foam filter that is washable. On the crown, there are exhausts, top, collar, lower, and sides of the helmet to offer optimum ventilation and keep you cool when riding off-road.

2. Arai VX-Pro 4 Dirt Bike Helmet

The Arai VX-Pro 4 is without a doubt one of the greatest dirt bike helmets on the market. It’s our opinion that it’s the most suitable helmet for any off-road driver or even a professional motocross racer.

Arai helmets have always had fantastic features and cutting-edge technology. Unfortunately, these features are more costly than those of other manufacturers. Nonetheless, Arai is one of the world’s leading helmet brands, with only one goal in mind: to ensure a proper fit for their lids’ interior form shapes. The VR-FX11 comes with a multitude of features, including the superb 3rd Gen Racing Engine. This is certainly true of its Arai dirt bike helmet. This has an intermediate oval interior fit shape from Arai. So, let’s look at what else the VX-Pro 4 helmet offers.

The Arai VX-Pro 4 dirt bike helmet is SNELL and DOT certified. To improve the tensile strength and penetration resistance, Arai employs Super Fiber rather than traditional fiberglass to enhance these qualities. This unique technique, known as CLC (complex Laminate construction), combines great strength with a low weight.

3. Bell Moto-9 Flex 

The Moto 9 Flex features Bell’s proprietary “Flex” comfort and protection technology inside. Bell’s objective with the Flex technology is to give the maximum degree of protection in a lightweight, comfortable helmet.

The Moto 9 Flex is Bell’s top-of-the-line helmet. The Moto 9 Flex’s technology and design make it comparable to some of the greatest pro-level helmets on the market. 

The Flex liner adjusts as the helmet is worn to allow it to move out of the way. The Moto 9 Flex’s additional padding and rotational strength make it best for low-speed motors, where rotational forces can be quite painful and harmful to the rider. There are additional layers of protection for a better energy transfer over the helmet. The distance the impact must travel before hitting your head is increased by adding more layers, which improves the liner’s capacity to absorb, distribute, and decrease impact stress.

4. Fox Racing V3 Dirt Bike Helmet

The Fox V3 helmet is the newest and improved model in the V series. The reason why this helmet appears on our list is due to its excellent comfort level and opulent interior, which has been used and trusted by many Motocross champions and athletes such as Ryan Dungey and Ken Roczen in the last two decades. The technological advancements in the Fox V3 helmet are incredible.

This bike helmet is available in three shell sizes and four EPS dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for the riders. Furthermore, all of these sizes of the V3 meet or exceed ECE 22.05 and DOT requirements.

14 intake and 4 exhaust vents are found in the Fox V3 dirt bike helmet. The chin vents allow air to enter the helmet as it passes through the chin bar. The forward outlets on top of the helmet and the side vents allow cool air into the helmet, which is circulated around the rider’s head by means of rear exhaust vents.

5. 6D ATR-2

6D is an internationally well-known helmet maker that isn’t afraid to experiment. 6D’s reputation has been made by mixing cutting-edge technology into all aspects of its helmets. The 6D ATR-2 is without exception. The ATR-2 is a cutting-edge piece of equipment built with one goal in mind: to keep its passenger as safe as possible, regardless of what the road throws at them. Don’t be deterred by the price. For those who can afford it, purchasing an ATR-2 may be their finest option for personal safety.

It is been said before, but it is worth restating: this helmet is meant to keep its user as safe as possible. The first line of defense comes from the thick outer shell. In comparison, the solid inner lining (essentially an inner shell) adds further protection. This is due to the energy-absorbing dampening towers located in both the outer and inner linings, which absorb impacts and other conceivable injuries before they reach your brain.

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