Bio hazard

Bio-hazard Dual Visor Motorcycle Helmet Review

There are numbers of things to know while you are in a dilemma to pick a good motorcycle helmet from a large competitive market. But as general customers sometimes it becomes really hard to know a lot of things altogether. This is where this article might help you as it consist a recommendation of a particular helmet named Bio-hazard Dual Visor Motorcycle Helmet and some other key things to educate you the basics of getting a good motorcycle helmet.

Key features of Bio-hazard Dual Visor Motorcycle Helmet!

Bio-hazard Dual Visor Motorcycle Helmet is a prominent name is the market of helmet and so it’s company IV2 too. Here are some key features of this helmet. Just take a look over that.

  • This helmet has visor control to protect you from sunlight.
  • It has easy controls as it is glove friendly.
  • You can remove and wash the interior of this helmet easily.
  • It is not heavy at all. It has a weight of around 4.4 lbs. only.
  • There are multiple rear extractors that you can get to ensure multiple air intakes.
  • The shell of this helmet can take much pressure as it is made of thermoplastic materials.

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dk 120 helmet

Duke DK-120 Motorcycle Helmet Review

A motorcycle user considers few kits as very important and helmet is one of them. But as there are uncountable of best motorcycle helmet, it becomes really difficult sometimes to get a good helmet among that long list. Yes, there are helmets like Duke DK-120 Motorcycle Helmet that you can purchase in blind eye, but still there are few other things to know before making the purchase. This article will show that path right away.

Key features of Duke DK-120 Motorcycle Helmet!

motorcycle helmetOnce started to discuss about the key features of this Duke DK-120 Motorcycle Helmet, it is necessary to mention that the list would not be a short one. Though for the ease of the readers here is a short list displayed. You can read it. By reading this you can know why this helmet is special.

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