Air Conditioned Helmet: Do You Need It?

Air-conditioned helmet. The irritating heat of an inadequately vented helmet is one of the most unpleasant experiences imaginable when riding on a long-haul journey. Whether you grab your winter helmet by mistake or are sick of having a mouthful of bugs with your half helmet. You’re probably among the many riders across the country seeking new methods to keep the interior temperature of your helmet lower. Fortunately, there’s good news for you and your sweaty lid. Learn how Feher laid the groundwork for air-conditioned helmets, paving the way for a new way to enjoy your next road trip.

Does Air Conditioned Helmet Work?

In conclusion, yes. Feher is now the first air-conditioned helmet in what will become a long line. The first thing that springs to mind when you think of an air-conditioned helmet. From Feher is that it finally gives you some relief from the scorching days. Here are a few things to consider about a conditioned helmet. As well as certain characteristics that make this kind of fantastic helmet worth considering for your next weekend adventure.

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air-conditioned helmet

To begin, forget everything you think when someone says, “air conditioner”. Unlike your trucks’ AC or your home’s central air system, you will not experience a chilly wind in the middle of summer. It is not anything like attaching a window AC unit to the side of your head. Rather, consider an air-conditioned helmet to be a lid with super-efficient heat exhaust vents. The amount of cooling is determined by the temperature, with summer days seeing a greater drop in temperature.

Unique Air-Cooled Helmet

The Unique Air-Cooled Helmet from Feher, the current only maker of these fantastic helmets, utilizes thermoelectric technology and a patented Tubular Spacer Fabric. You should not expect to drop ice cubes down your shirt. But you can anticipate a 12-to-18-degree reduction in temperature around your noggin.

Consider it a vehicle’s air-conditioned seats. If you have nice cool seats in your truck or car, you know how pleased they are on a hot day. It is not necessarily a wind blowing or an ice-cold surface, but it gradually lowers and balances your temperature using thermoelectric cooling.

Is Air Conditioned Helmet Safe?

Comfort is fantastic, but you need a helmet that you can rely on when your lid hits the asphalt. The Feher company air-conditioned helmet is both DOT and ECE certified. It complies with both the DOT FMVSS 218 and ECE 22.05 standards. You’ll stay safe as you ride comfortably in the summer heat thanks to its durable, multi-layered fiberglass construction and aerodynamic design.

While it may be tempting to remove your lid and let your hair blow in the wind on a hot day. This is a deadly mistake. Whether it’s legal in your state or not, keep your helmet on and be safe. Do not allow a little perspiration to prevent you from preserving your own life when things go sour. You can protect your head while also beating the heat by selecting a cold helmet, such as an air-conditioned one.

Is Air Conditioned Helmet Comfortable?

When you think of a helmet with an air conditioner. You might imagine a scenario in which your neck is sorely strained. In fact, these clever helmets are no heavier than other full-face designs. Consider the ACH-1 by Feher as an example. This helmet weighs about 1,450 grams and has a volume of 1,450 grams.

Air-conditioned helmets have complex vents and a slick appearance to make them more comfortable to wear on long road trips. While the bulge on the back of your head may not impress traditional riders. The whole design is sleek and future-oriented enough to ignore any haters.

However, these helmets are intended for the race track or open road. If you enjoy muddy backroad and dirt tracks, you will most certainly do more damage than better by purchasing this cutting-edge helmet. While it is waterproof and wind-resistant, wearing your air-conditioned helmet in a thunderstorm or other severe weather conditions is not a smart idea.

Have Helmets Been Air Conditioned For A Long Time?

The history of air-conditioned helmets began in 2018, but there have been a few one-time experiments in air conditioning technology that has been around since the 1980s. Feher started things off with a line of helmets that use the same cooling technology they perfected for luxury cars’ cooled seats.

In recent years, new helmets have been introduced to the market. Keep an eye out for decreased prices and more advanced features in the future as a result of these creative helmets. You can anticipate lighter, more efficient systems with greater choices and lower costs in the future as Feher continues to develop and other firms catch on. If you enjoy being among the first to try out cutting-edge motor technology, this is a deal not to be missed. Otherwise, you may be able to save your money for a few more years.

Where Can I Buy An Air-Conditioned Helmet?

If you are ready to be a part of history, you may buy one and test it out for yourself. Although the Feher helmet isn’t a wonder, do not expect it to perform miracles. While the innovative design and cutting-edge air conditioning are no joke. They can only do so much when dealing with serious heat levels.

Determine whether it is worth investing in the most up-to-date technology or sticking with tried and true venting. A properly vented helmet can keep you cool even in the warmest weather. When you are on the road and driving at high speeds. An air-conditioned option, on the other hand, may be just what you need when idling or for a few degrees less heat.

A helmet with air conditioning is also significantly more expensive. If you are searching for a less expensive alternative to traditional cooling helmets. Check out the best motorcycle helmets on the market today. There are several interesting race-ready helmets with venting and ventilation to keep your head cool. While driving through busy areas, ranging from the Aral Corsair-X to the Shoei X-14. Check out the air-conditioned helmets at the fav online motorbike gear shop. As well as discount offers on this innovative innovation.

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