10 Quietest Motorcycle Helmets in 2022

quietest motorcycle helmets

Quietest Motorcycle Helmets: Bikers are more likely to suffer permanent loss of hearing. Many individuals believe that motorcycle engine noise causes hearing loss and affects only those who don’t put on full-face headgear. This assumption may be accurate, but not the whole story.

According to research, “wind noise” is the most common source of hearing loss among bikers. The turbulence produced by the motorcyclist’s head while riding is called wind noise; if not avoided, it can cause permanent hearing loss.

We’ve compiled a record of the quietest motorbike helmets on the market that ideally reduce noise while on the road. So, which one is right for you?

Quietest Motorbike Helmets Reviews

1. Arai Signet-X Solid Adult Street Motorbike Helmet

They intend this helmet to provide a quiet and pleasant riding encounter. It has a laminated super complex shell having a soft, thick lining for better fit, comfort, and safety.

Furthermore, the lining features a peel-away 5-mm thick cheek and temple pads on the side for a more personalized fit and (FCS) cheek pads that reduce wind noise.

The visor’s brow ventilations assist in cooling the face and minimize wind noise from the ears. It also includes a water-resistant soft chin cover that reduces noise while increasing mouth area exhaust.

2. HJC RPHA 11 Pro Headgear

The RPHA 11 Pro headgear was designed with race road bikers in consideration by HJC. Even at fast speeds, its aerodynamic cover construction makes sure noise reduction and excellent ventilation.

The HJC’s unique premium unifies matrix cover construction, which includes reinforcing materials like carbon-glass fabric, provides enhanced shock-resistant performance and a more lightweight and comfortable fit.

This helmet has bright patches and a fast-release cheek pad structure that gives room for the headgear to be taken off safely and swiftly in a crisis when it comes to extra safety measures.

This headgear has a more fit of Race-Style, so you’d require to go up a size if you want a more comfy fit.

3. Shoei RF-1200 Headgear

Shoei’s world-class staff of engineers and designers developed the RF-1200, the quietest headgear globally. Shoei has over 55 years of expertise and knowledge to draw from when designing this product.

The CWR-1 Visor Structure with ribs on the bottom and top of this helmet, besides its complicated Multiply AIM+ Cover, helps improve rigidity and form a good cover that keeps out wind noise.

Thick padding ensures a better fit, resulting in greater comfort and decreased noise. The headgear has a chin cover that also aids in limiting wind noise.

4. SHARK Headgears EVO-ONE 2

This SHARK EVO helmet is the first standard headgear to earn an excellent score in a crash test. The premium traditional headgear combines the security and comfort of a full-face headgear with open-face freedom.

The SHARK headgear has an advanced chin locking system, a new auto-up and down shield, and an aerodynamic cover format that helps to minimize wind noise. A magnetic chin cover is also incorporated into the full-face helmet to control wind noise.

The ComfortGel lining, which is detachable, washable, and soft, forms a seal all over the face and neck that lowers wind noise while also improving the biker’s comfort for a peaceful ride

5. Scorpion EXO-AT950 Brigantine Helmet

This outrigger is a flip-up headgear with dual reinforcement that you can utilize for both street strolls and track days. It features an improved polycarbonate cover and dual-density foam of EPS, making it durable and lightweight.

The broad eye-port improves peripheral vision, and the Scorpion EverClear mode makes the face visor scratch-resistant and anti-fog.

It has an integrated chin curtain that blocks out background noise. The KwikWick lining makes you comfortable on lengthy rides, thanks to UV protection offered by the advanced drop-down sun visor Speedview.

6. Sena Outrush Standard Smart Helmet

Sena is a well-known manufacturer of high-tech headgears that feel and look great and give excellent protection and comfort. The Outrush standard helmet, for instance, includes a Bluetooth 3.0 headset that improves and transmits crystal-clear sound.

The HD Intercom set-up includes Pre-Installed technology of Noise Control, which removes circulating riding noise digitally from intercom transmission, giving room for comprehensible communication.

You may link your smartphone to the headgear through Bluetooth for music listening, GPS instructions, phone calls, HD intercom talks, and FM radio. This stylish and lightweight helmet can last for about 15 hours of conversation time on one full charge.

7. Bell Accessory Full-Face Motorbike Helmet

The Bell Qualifier Full-Face helmet is another example of a high-quality, high-performance motorcycle helmet that has earned excellent reviews. One of the most well-regarded helmets on the market, the Bell Qualifier Full-Face provides exceptional protection and comfort for riders who want to feel confident in their gear choice.

This helmet has a one-of-a-kind aerodynamic cover design that permits the rider to have a smooth journey without being distracted by road noise or wind.

The pampered wind collar is another innovation that Bell has added to the helmet. They also included a noise-canceling technique in the foam padding.

8. HJC IS-MAX2 Standard Helmet

HJC’s helmets are extensively lab-tested under more practical conditions, which helps guarantee that they’re one of the safest on the shopping platforms. The IS-MAX 2 version is famous among motorcyclists who want noiseless headgear but still appreciate the flexibility of a modular model.

HJC utilizes improved Technology of CAD in this replica to enhance comfort and fit.

The helmet’s unified smoke-tinted visor protects you against 95 percent of UV rays, and the sweatband is fantastic. It also comes with a chin cover that limits road noise and keeps you toasty on chilly mornings.

9. Yema YM-915 Moped Full-Face

Yema is a pioneer in the manufacturing industry of helmets, with exports to around 30 nations. The Yema helmet comprises an outer ABS and a multi-density interior EPS.

YEMA’s technology dramatically reduces wind noise while providing air movement and ventilation.

Furthermore, you can modify the exhaust and intake vent holes for improved airflow.

10. Bell Race Star Flex DLX

The Bell Star Flex headgear is enjoyable right outside the box. This model was among the significant areas for advancement over the previous model. It’s 10% less in weight and has density liners foam and speaker pockets as standard.

With a thin tight-fitting neck roll and interior cheek pads, noise reduction is readily apparent at higher speeds with this replica. The internal padding may take some time to accommodate your facial features once you’ve got there, but after that, you won’t wonder whether it was a good idea.

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