Top 5 Best Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets 2019

When it comes down to it, there are numerous types of motorcycle helmets and this can complicate the purchase process substantially. The full-face helmet is most certainly the most common and the most popular. This is no coincidence. This particular type of helmet is capable of providing the most protection, while also allowing the wearer to maintain the largest field of view. Unlike other types of helmet, the full-face varieties protect the lower portion of the face as well as the jaw. The sleek round design of these motorcycle helmets helps to reduce wind resistance, so they’re more efficient at protecting the wearer’s neck and reducing muscle strain.

Another thing to remember is that the full-face motorcycle helmet is almost completely sealed. Wind and rain shouldn’t be a problem, when wearing one of these helmets. The full-face helmet is recommended for anyone, who wants to remain comfortable, without giving up any safety. Just remember that these helmets are slightly heavier than the alternatives, so those that do opt for a full-face model will need to choose one that is as light as possible.

Shoei RF-1200 Best Motorcycle Helmet

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Avid motorcyclists rely on their helmet for protection. The slightest imperfection can cause the driver a lot of grief. This is why it is crucial take the time to do your research on each brand on the market. The Shoei RF-1200 helmet is designed with the biker in mind. The aerodynamic design is very desirable, eliminating any drawback from the wind, even when riding at maximum speeds.

The RF-1200 is embedded with a very unique liner. This dense EPS liner is suitable for compact designed helmets, but will not alter the airflow in the least. In fact, the ventilation system is superior, thanks to all the testing processes that the helmet has undergone.


  • Superior ventilation system
  • Available in many different colors and sizes
  • Chin curtain and break guarded included in the package
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Dense EPS liner
  • Certified by DOT


  • Is not designed to block out external wind noises

Overall Assessment: The Shoei RF-1200 is a high-quality helmet that offers the perfect fit. The air ventilation system is a state-of-art design, so riders never need to worry about overheating. Although, the price tag is a little high, the benefits definitely outweigh this minor issue.

Arai XD4 Motorcycle Helmet

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If you have a little extra money to spend on a new helmet, you should definitely invest it in the Arai XD4. This helmet was definitely designed with the sportster in mind. The intermediate-round oval shape is what gives the helmet personality and this is not to even mention the sunshield and lens. The ventilation system is very unique in that it is embedded with exhaust ports. The ports are located on top, back, and sides of the helmet, so air can circulate throughout to prevent overheating.

What sets the Arai XD4 apart from other helmets is the check pad release system. This feature is great for emergencies, because it will instantly release the cheek pads, so the rider can remove the helmet without delay.


  • Interior liner is detachable, washable, and replaceable
  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • State-of-the-art ventilation system
  • Certified by DOT
  • Custom fit peel away layer
  • Sunshield works great to block out sun
  • Aerodynamic design


  • Helmet slightly heavier than many of the competitor brands
  • Does not include a pinlock

Overall Assessment: Even though the Arai XD4 is slightly higher than many of the competitor brands, it is well worth the extra cost. The goggles, shield, and peak offer a lot of flexibility and the padding is soft and comfy, so you can ride for hours without exhibiting itchy skin.

Bell Solid Adult Qualifier Motorcycle Helmet

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Every motorcyclist likes to sport a cool helmet, but they also want to be 100% safe, when riding in congested traffic. The Bell Solid Adult Qualifier Helmet is designed to offer the necessities needed to make a motorcyclist safe and comfortable. This helmet is embedded with a unique ventilation system that will allow air to flow throughout to prevent overheating.

The shield that comes with the helmet is clear, but you can purchase a separated tinted shield to give the helmet more appeal. This option provides enough flexibility, so riders can customize to suit their preferences. The shell is made out of polycarbonate and ABS materials to create a lightweight, but very durable construction.


  • Certified by DOT And ECE
  • Separate tinted shield available
  • Extremely affordable price tag
  • Includes a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Transparent shield offer UV, anti-scratch, and anti-fog protection
  • Aerodynamic and lightweight design


  • Separate tinted shield is slightly expensive
  • Runs slightly larger in size

Overall Assessment: The Bell Solid Adult Qualifier is a quality helmet, but it does run slightly larger in size. The ventilation system is great and the additional vent on the visor eliminates overheating risks. For the price, you cannot beat this helmet.

AGV K3 Full Face Best Motorcycle Helmet

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If you are living on a fixed budget and need a new motorcycle helmet, you should definitely give the AGV K3 a second of your time. This helmet is uniquely designed to offer more eye appeal. The affordable price tag is suitable for almost every motorcyclist’s wallet, because it will not break the bank. The ventilation system is a top-of-the-line design, with rear extractors to keep the back of the head and neck cool.

The interior padding is designed out of Dri-Lex material to keep moisture away from your scalp and skin. This material is very comfortable and durable, but it will not alter the airflow. The clear shield offers an anti-fog protection, which will work effectively in all different types of weather conditions.


  • Tinted shield available, but sole separately
  • Not protector is detachable
  • Moisture resistant Dri-Lex material utilized to make the padding
  • Extremely affordable price tag
  • Certified by DOT
  • Only weighs around 2 pounds
  • High-quality ventilation system


  • Size runs slightly smaller than the average size

Overall Assessment: The AGV K3 is the perfect helmet for a newbie or veteran motorcyclist. It is extremely lightweight and looks fabulous. If you want to add more appeal to the design, you should definitely consider investing in the tinted shield.

Shark RAW Blank Motorcycle  Helmet

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Are you an avid motorcyclist and video gamer? How would you like to own a motorcycle helmet that will put you into the game? Well now you can, the Shark RAW is designed to replicate a Street Fighter helmet. When you look closely at the design, you will instantly notice the facemask that is embedded with an air ventilation system. The most unique feature of the Shark RAW is the quick-release mechanism. With one click, the goggles and facemask will release, so the rider can quickly remove the helmet.

The Shark RAW goggle lens is designed with safety in mind. The lens is double paned, with an anti-fog overlay. This feature is a necessity, especially for those that travel long distances on the motorcycle.


  • Lightweight design
  • Includes 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Goggle lens are double paned, with anti-fog protection
  • Quick-release goggle and facemask system
  • Suitable for street and sport bikes
  • Embedded with speaker pockets
  • Superior ventilation system


  • Inner shell is slightly thicker than most brands, making it a little snug
  • Only available in black

Overall Assessment! The Shark RAW would make a great helmet for a newbie or veteran motorcyclist. The quick-release feature is definitely an upgrade from the traditional clips. The inner lining and check pads are designed superbly to give the perfect fit.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Helmet

When attempting to find the best motorcycle helmet, it will be absolutely essential to do your research and consider a wide array of factors. Many will examine the price tag and nothing else. Never do this, as price should never be placed above your safety! Be sure to consider the factor below, so you can find the best helmet for your individualistic needs and desires.

Testing And Certification DOT


Testing And Certification: The United States Department of Transportation, DOT, has put measures in place to ensure all motorcycle helmets sold within the country as tested thoroughly. Motorcycle helmets much meet all set forth in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 guidelines. Helmets, which have met these qualifications, will have a stick on the outside. The stick will have the letter “DOT”, so it should be easy to spot. Although it is rare to find a helmet without this label, if you do, you should not purchase it.

Head Size, Fit, And Comfort: Although safety should be put above all else, it is also essential to ensure that the helmet to remain comfortable throughout the duration of the ride. Helmets are worn for an extensive period of time, so it needs to remain comfortable and should be ergonomically designed to fit the shape of your head. The helmet should fit as snuggly as possible to increase its effectiveness. If the helmet is uncomfortable, you’ll be much less likely to wear it. If you’re not sure what size you should wear, it is essential to get your head sized, so you can get the perfect fit.

Head Size, Fit, And Comfort Helmet


Visibility: It would be very risky to wear a helmet, which would obscure your vision. The helmet should provide you with a clear view of the roadway ahead, as well as all other vehicles beside of you. Remember that some helmets are equipped with shields and it also possible to purchase goggles. This is recommended and will give you additional protection from insects and weather elements.

Helmet Ventilation: Ventilation is absolutely pertinent. Ventilation won’t have much impact on the overall effectiveness of the helmet, but proper ventilation will help to make the helmet much more comfortable. A properly ventilated helmet will be less hot and won’t feel like a sweat box. The helmet should have a snug fit, but it should also have plenty of ventilation ports, so wind can freely flow in and out of the helmet, so you remain comfortable and sweat free throughout the duration of your ride.

Design And Aesthetics: It is undoubtedly true that you’ll want to look cool and stylish while wearing your helmet. With this in mind, you should take a close look at the overall style, design, and aesthetics of the helmet. Do you have a specific color that you prefer? Although the style won’t impact the effectiveness of the helmet, it is still recommended that you give this factor some credence. Also, remember that you can always add graphics to the helmet at a later time. This isn’t a necessity, but it will help to personalize the look of the helmet to your beck and call.

Chin Strap: Remember that your helmet needs to be secured to your head at all times. Therefore, the helmet’s strap will be very important. The chinstrap should have solid rivets, so that it won’t come lose, during your ride. Always be sure to tighten the chin strap to leave a minimum amount of space between your skin and the strap.

Additional Features: As technology has improved, motorcycle helmets have gotten more and more innovative. One of the latest additions is the helmet speaker and microphone. Some helmets are now fitted with Bluetooth technology, which allows the driver to answer telephone calls while out on the highway. This will increase the price to some degree, but it can also provide additional reassurance and peace of mind.

Price: When it comes down to it, price will always be a vital factor to consider. In fact, most consumers will look at price and nothing else. This is not recommended. Nonetheless, you should make sure you get the most value for your money. Take your time to research carefully and get the most protective helmet possible, so you can rest assured knowing your money has been well spent.

Warranty: Finally, you should remember that some helmets come with a warranty. This can be a good addition and will ultimately increase the overall value of the helmet. If something happens out of the ordinary, the warranty will give you the ability to rectify the problem, without paying for anything else.

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